Saturday, May 30, 2009

My First Post!

Where do I begin? Well, I'm a brand new blogger for starters. I have been so fascinated by all the cool vegetarian food blogs on this site, so I figured, why not create my own? I feel like this will help me get over a lot of previous food issues too. It will give me incentive to eat normally. Besides, I live in NYC where there is an endless abundance of incredible vegetarian and vegan food!

Without going in to a long story, my issues with food began a few years ago when I got into modeling. In 2007 I was modeling here in NYC and I was severely anorexic. I decided that I couldn't keep it up, as my health was failing rapidly. So in 2008 I tried to recover, but it was not that easy, and it lead to other problems including binge eating. It was a very rough year for me as a whole, because last May I lost my beloved cat Cloudy to stomach cancer. He was just 2 months shy of his 12th Birthday (which was the youngest I had ever lost a pet). Now in 2009 I feel like I'm finally able to eat like a normal, healthy person again. I still have issues with food, not to mention all the mental anguish that goes along with having an eating disorder, but I feel like I'm in a better place now.

On to happy news (this is where the "cat" part of the blog comes in!)... On April 29th 2009 I adopted an adorable little bundle of joy that I named Peanut. I like to say that he named himself because he was so very little and the color of peanut butter! :) He was only 6 and a half weeks old when we got him (born on March 13th 2009). Peanut is such an adorable little guy. The vet said he was the smallest kitten he'd ever seen for his age, but that he was "perfect." I plan on posting pictures on a daily basis of Peanut. He's so adorable I figure it would be selfish not to share him, so I invite you all to get a daily dose of Peanut! :)

What else about me? I'm a makeup artist (a struggling one at that since it's not easy to get work these days). I am saving up for a digital camera, but for now I'll be using my camera phone to take pics for this blog. It's an old fashioned one that I got back in 2005(!), but the camera feature on it is better than most of the camera phones out on the market now.

I hope all my fellow veggie girls, animal lovers, and people struggling with eating disorders (or recovering from them) visit my blog on a daily basis. I hope I provide people with support, as I could use it as well!

Without further adieu, I would like you to meet Peanut!

Baby Peanut's first night home!

Peanut is a total lap cat! He loves to cuddle in my lap.

A close-up. He's growing up so fast!

He loves to do cute little stuff like this with his arms, it's adorable!

Much love always,



Anonymous said...

Hey - just discovered your blog (: I'm not a vegeterian, but I recovered from bulimia and anorexia. Your cat is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Peanut is precious!!! I love that last picture, he looks so fuzzy!!!

Welcome to the blog world!!!

Gabrielle said...

Hi! I just found your blog. Your cat, Peanut, is too cute! I'm also 20 and still struggling with binge eating, so I can understand the daily struggle with food relationships. I'll definitely keep checking up on your blog!

Anonymous said...


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