Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peanuts & other tasty eats! August 31st

I've been snapping photos of Peanut over the last few weeks... you know, one of the joys of watching your cat grow from the time he's a tiny kitten, is getting to bond with him and watch their personality develop. And Peanut has SUCH a personality!!

Sitting pretty on my vanity stool. :)


Sitting pretty.

Messing around in Mom's drawer.

Peanut LOVES coupons or any crumpled paper really... he has his eye on the coupons in these photos.

And here are some of my eats over the past week...

A proper dinner for a change... Boca chik'n nuggets, Alexia oven fries with sea salt, and a Birds Eyes mini ear of corn.

I had a meeting downtown last week which ran late, and by the time I got out I was starving so I headed to Peep for a late lunch. I got the usual...

Spring rolls...

and their saffron fried rice with tofu.

Pizza from Rivoli's in the West Village (there are two apparently... one is on 7th Ave. & 11th St. and the other is on Hudson St... we order from the one closer to us now on 7th... both are amazing though!).

And while it's not health food by any means, I've been crazy about these lately!

Nestle drumsticks... so good! :)

I got a job working for a NYC magazine, but we aren't paid a salary... we only make money on sales commissions, so that's eating up a lot of my time now. I will try to update when I can!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brunches & Lunches! August 21st

Just a quick update today with some delicious brunch and lunch dishes that I've had recently...

Last weekend I went to brunch at the Blue Water Grill... I don't think I've been there since last August (see here)! Wow, a year goes by quickly!

I started off with their amazing bread... they always have great breads at brunch. I had two slices of their cinnamon raisin bread (at least that's what I think it was!).

Then I had their grilled asparagus and wild mushroom omelette, but I opted for cheddar cheese instead of goat cheese (which I hate!). Their omelettes always come with tasty potatoes too (plus, a free beverage-- I always get their fresh squeezed orange juice!).

One day this week I ordered lunch in from Suzie's. I got their lunch special which is a great deal. I got the bean curd homestyle, which is basically tofu and vegetables. And it comes with vegetarian wonton soup, a vegetarian egg roll, and vegetable fried rice.

Another great lunch I had was at Sacred Chow. I had been there for brunch many, many times, but never for lunch. I have always heard good things about their soy meatball hero, so that's what I ordered!

It was really good and tasted very authentic (Italian). It was very filling too, I couldn't finish it all!

And for brunch today I went to a little place in the village (but really popular brunch spot), Elephant & Castle (on Greenwich Ave. & West 11th St.).

I ordered the eggs n' apples benedict on french toast with maple syrup. How amazing does that sound?! And it was! They are famous for this dish and I can see why. It was like a spiced up version of eggs and toast.

And when I got home, I forced Peanut into another picture with me! lol

Here's a better shot of him though, up-close. He really is such a beauty!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A long over-due update! August 12th

Sorry it's been so long guys! I've been busy focusing on other things... mainly, like getting a good paying, steady job... which hasn't happened quite yet, but I'm working on it! Here are just a few of my eats over the past couple weeks (when I actually remember to take pictures!):

A couple weekends ago I tried the breakfast sandwich at Sacred Chow...

I actually prefer their tofu scramble more, but it was good none the less! The tempeh bacon was just ok, but still, you aren't going to get a better vegan meal anywhere in the city than this place (believe me, I've tried them ALL!).

I've been frequenting Good Stuff Diner a lot... it's my new favorite place!

And my mozzarella sticks/smoothie combo really goes together well! This is not "diner" food, but actually great quality... and I care far more about quality of food than anything else!

My usual favorite meal at Qi...

Spring rolls...

and pineapple fried rice.

Finally, the other day I tried a new vegan restaurant called Gobo (on 8th St. & 6th Ave.). They are another pan-asian veggie restaurant.

I wanted to try a few different things there, but their restaurant menu is SO much more expensive than the take-out menu I had seen online, that I only got the pineapple fried rice-- which was really good, but $14?! Insane!

And here is what Peanut has been up to...

Relaxing on the piano.

Peeking at me.

In the laundry (again).

Lounging in his favorite box.

Chasing/nibbling his tail! :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer while it lasts! I'll be updating when I can.