Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Wrap-up & Peanuts! Nov. 26th

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! I'll get to my Thanksgiving eats in a moment (and they are minimal, at best!), but first, some of my eats from earlier in the week....

Last weekend I had brunch at Village Natural. I hadn't been since last year, when I had a disappointing lunch there. Luckily, their brunch was better!

I got their french toast, which came with fruit (blueberry sauce!) and soy sausage patties.

I was in Tribeca earlier this week doing some last minute grocery shopping at the enormous Tribeca Whole Foods (which is AMAZING-- it could be a tourist attraction!), and I stopped for lunch in Ivy's Bistro (on the corner of North Moore & Greenwich St.).

I got their veggie burger with fries. This was pretty good, although not fantastic.

For Thanksgiving I had some of my favorites...

Clif's Iced Gingerbread bar (a seasonal favorite!).

Mom's stuffed mushrooms... they are FANTASTIC. Between yesterday and today, I've eaten a ton of these!

And of course, mom made her signature cheesecake (OMG is this good!). This is the number one reason I'm not a vegan!!! Nothing comes CLOSE to real cheesecake.

As for the "turkey"....

And if you think that's cute, you'd better brace yourselves now!! lol

Peanut was all riled up over one of his favorite things... Q-Tips!

(Notice the Q-Tip in the lower right hand corner of the pic!)

I am so very thankful for this fluffy bundle of joy! :) Hope everyone had a good holiday!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New & Tasty Eats! November 17th

I want to start off with my review of the other MorningStar Farms entree (you can see the review of my first one here). Now I am usually a HUGE fan of MorningStar Farms, but their entrees have been disappointing. :(

I normally like pretty much any vegetarian lasagna, but this one had an awful taste and texture. It just didn't taste much like lasagna. So it's only 270 calories. I'd rather they put another 100 calories in it and have it be edible! The ONLY thing I liked in it were the "sausage" crumbles. And that's because I really love their veggie sausage (as you can see here). Unfortunately though, there was hardly ANY sausage in it! Not good.

Luckily I had a great meal at Tue Thai Food. I have gotten food delivered from them, but never visited their restaurant in the village (on Greenwich Ave. & 8th st.).

Look at this amazing lunch! And for just under $10 too! I got their pad se ew with tofu for my entree, and the lunch special comes with an appetizer of your choice (I chose spring rolls, of course!), a side salad and beverage of your choice (I got a coke, which you can just make out in the picture in that cute little jar).

For breakfast this past weekend I made Trader Joe's BIG cinnamon buns.

Mom and I enjoyed these. There is little that Trader Joe's makes that I DON'T like. lol

This week I had a great lunch delivered from Suzie's, one of my favorite chinese restaurants.

I got a vegetarian egg roll and their sizzling tofu in black bean sauce (this is an exclusive dish of their's and is really tasty).

And yesterday I went to the doctor's downtown... long story, but my doctor is downtown in Chinatown because it's one of the only places that accepts my health insurance! lol She's great though, so I don't mind going.

Anyways, after my appointment I stopped in an adorable bakery in Soho. I must have been by this place before, but it looked new to me! It's called Little Cupcake Bakeshop and it's on Prince St. It's funny, I had really been craving a cupcake too!

I got their golden vanilla one, which had chocolate buttercream frosting. I am not kidding when I say this was AMAZING. I seriously don't know what they even put in it to taste so good, and truthfully, I don't care!!

As for my Peanuts, he was having quite a time when I got a package that had some of those white foam packing bits.

And he spent some time watching the figure skating with me this past weekend.

Ok, that's all until Thanksgiving! Enjoy this fall weather while it lasts!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cold Days & Tofu Brunches (November 8th)

It feels like we've bypassed fall and we're already into winter! Wtf happened?! :( In any case, I've been trying to eat well to ward off any colds, etc. But I am a HUGE vitamin fan, so that helps. (For reference I love the brand Rainbow Light and take quite a few of their supplements.)

The last two brunches I had out were at two of my favorite vegan restaurants, and BOY do they both know how to make a tofu scramble!

The first was at Blossom a few weeks ago...

And the second was at Sacred Chow just this past weekend... and it was so crowded I actually had to wait for a table! This place has really caught on... the "secret" is out and people are flocking to it now! Back when I started going in 2007, I was the only person in the place!

Sacred Chow's wasn't quite as good because they put too much pepper on the home fries. However, that's just nit-picking! lol

My mom and I had a nice dinner Friday night at the Olive Garden. We hadn't been in a long time and I got to try some new stuff on their menu...

Starting with the old favorites... breadsticks & salad (I always munch on the breadsticks, mom on the salad).

I got a venetian sunset drink (mom got a strawberry martini which was literally the size of a swimming pool-- in fact, you can see it in the background!).

One of my favorites, minestrone soup (which they claim-- and I hope-- is vegetarian!).

Their new lasagna rollata al forno (which was tasty, although I think I still prefer the ziti al forno).

And I was FAR too stuffed for dessert, but I got one of their new mini "dolcini" desserts to go. You can choose 3 for a set price, or pay for them individually. I just got one, the strawberry & white chocolate cream cake. I PRAY they make a large size of this. It was amazing!

And lastly, colder weather means cuddling. And Peanut takes full advantage of the situation whenever there is something warm to lay on!

Splaying out on the sheets...

And nestling in warm laundry. :)

And on a side note, I met this nice family at Sacred Chow who was asking me about vegetarian restaurants. They told me how they found out about that restaurant through Happy Cow (which is a great resource for vegetarians btw!). It's funny that they picked me to talk to, as I pretty much am the authority on vegetarian restaurants in this city! lol Of course I told them about Wild Ginger too... I swear, Wild Ginger should pay me a salary!

Ok, that's all for now!