Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blog on hold.... will be back soon! June 8th

I'm posting this because I didn't want you guys to think anything was wrong and I loved this picture of Peanut. ;)

P.S. ~ Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my "anniversary" post below!


Kelsey said...

thanks marina for letting us know <3

lynn @ the actors diet said...

glad you're okay - and happy blog birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, take care!! Hope everything is a-ok and you just need a little 'break'. HOpe your summer is going well!

Blog birthday, that's great, hope it was adequately celebrated with fro yo/cake/yummies or the like! <3

Anonymous said...

I hope everything is okay and that you and Peanut are doing well :D Enjoying whatever life is bringing your way!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I've been thinking of you (and kitty!) hope you're doing well, update us soon! ;)