Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birthday Week! September 18th

Nearly everyone I know was born this past week in September, including my "ex" (now sort of "on again") boyfriend, and my mom. But first, I have a week's worth of food to post, so let's get started!

Last Saturday I had a really early meeting downtown for my job. So I stopped in a Dunkin' Donuts on Varick St. and got my favorite kind, a chocolate covered one with sprinkles!

When I finally got out of my meeting, I had a proper breakfast since by that time, it was already brunch/lunch. I got the french toast combo with scrambled eggs and soy sausage at Quantum Leap.

Some other eats this week include...

Pizza at Ray's... I went for dinner here last Sunday when a pipe broke in our kitchen and we had a leak-- obviously making it very hard to cook!

A quick lunch at Good Stuff Diner... my favorite combo: mozzarella sticks (which are truly the BEST mozzarella sticks I've ever had!) and a tropical health smoothie. :)

For a quick boost, one day I stopped in the Jamba Juice in Union Square and got their bright eyed and blueberry smoothie! Sadly though, this has really gone downhill... not nearly as good as it used to be! :(

Today was my mom's birthday... I ran some errands this morning and stopped in Rivioli Pizzeria in the West Village for lunch.

Then later on for dinner we went to an amazing new restaurant called Sagaponack Restaurant (named after Sagaponack in the Hamptons), at 22nd st. off 5th Ave. And this restaurant really did have a very "hamptons" feel. It was beautiful!

For starters I had their pesto fries... these were INCREDIBLE! I couldn't finish them all of course, because the portion was huge!

For my entree I got the portobello mushroom tower with lots of veggies and quinoa. This was amazing as well!

Mom and I got our desserts "to go" because we were so full! I got the banana cream pie, and the funny thing is, I don't even like bananas (as in, I don't ever eat the fruit by itself), but this is the one banana themed food I like!

As for Peanut, I recently got him a new toy at Petco. Glow in the dark balls to keep him occupied at night!

So Happy Birthday to Mom and everyone else this week!


justjac said...

Yum, pesto fries sound amazing, as does that mushroom tower!
Happy birthday to your mom :) and hope you're having a great weekend :D

coffeeandthepaper said...

Well happy birthday week! Even if it's not yours hehe! Sometimes celebrating others' days feels just as exciting : )

I live in Pittsburgh and theyve just started openning Dunkin Donuts here - so excited for their coffee!!!!

Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday to everyone in your life!! Sagaponack looks great- I love the idea of Pesto Fries!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

kellebelle said...

Yay for September babies!!! I'm one too! Love your cat - so cute!
x said...

happy late bday to your mom!!

those pesto fries do look yummy! hope all is well girly :)