Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Party ~ December 8th

I rarely (if ever) do this, but they say when someone else has already done it best... My friend Shannon and I attended a fabulous holiday party Monday night, at celebrity party planner, Bronson van Wyck's residence (other food bloggers were there as well). I was going to do a whole write up on it, but Shannon beat me to it! lol She did such a lovely summary of the party, that I'd really rather send you all over to HER blog! You can check it out here!

So sorry if I'm taking the easy way out... but I learned it from this guy! ;)


Anonymous said...

LOL! oh i love you hahah.

so bummed they didn't get a picture of us what the heck!

peanut wins the ultimate cuteness award!!!

Marina said...

^^I know, they could have gotten at least ONE decent picture of us!

And speaking of pictures... they really don't make cuter babies than Peanut! :) God I just LOVE that picture of him... what a little doll!!!! I'd already kill to see him at that age again!

VeggieGirl said...

Fabulous! :)