Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day! July 4th

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! I figured I'd catch up on some blogging... Here are some of my eats from the past week!

Pizza at Pomodoro in Soho

Chocolate chip cheesecake from Whole Foods (amazing!!!)

Lunch at Friend of a Farmer, which included a piece of cornbread with apple butter and a pasta and veggie dish (I've gotten this before and this is SO good... the quality of their veggies is incredible! I've eaten here a few times recently and been quite impressed!!)

This morning Mom made some blueberry pancakes! (I put on maple syrup after the picture)

And after going to the Chelsea Whole Foods (which was dead quiet today because of the holiday!) I stopped in a restaurant for lunch called Il Bastardo. I got penne with vodka sauce. Unfortunately though, the portion was TINY for the price! I was really unhappy about that, although their food was pretty good. Still, the best penne alla vodka is at I Tre Merli Bistro in the West Village (see here)!

Peanut's been busy bug chasing! Look at how alert he is!

Don't worry, we don't have an infestation or anything, but in the summertime a lot of flies find their way inside...

He still likes one wintertime activity though, and that's napping in the warm laundry!

It's going to be SUPER hot out here in NYC this week. It almost makes me miss the winter! Everyone say a prayer that we don't have another blackout again!!! :(

That's all for now, folks!


Maggie said...

Our one cat (Koos) LOVES chasing bugs. LOL, not that we have a lot of them either ;) In CA he had more bugs to chase; oddly enough our apt here has very few!

So hot today. We watched the fireworks on TV bc it was too hot to go outside.

Marina said...

^^I agree with you Maggie. It is MISERABLY hot and you're actually far better off avoiding the crowds with the fireworks!

My cat Cloudy (who passed away) was a true hunter (part Maine Coon), but Peanut is still more of a baby in that area. He just bats at stuff, but never actually gets anything. lol

Kelsey said...

me and your cat both love jumping into laundry baskets full of warm clothes lol!

wow i love how whole foods individually packages their desserts and treats. im going to vancouver this summer so it will be the first time i visit a whole foods. i wouldnt mind buying something delicious like that cheesecake! <3

littlemissminny said...

I never tried that vodka sauce. Does it really taste like vodka? peanut is so adorable! I'm back at home, reunited with my kitty, and I'm so happy about it :)

VeggieGirl said...

Happy belated 4th to you and Peanut!!! <3

Marina said...

^^Vodka sauce doesn't really taste like vodka, but has a bit of vodka in it. It's basically a kind of tomato sauce.

ohonemorething said...

Aw Matilda has been the same way with lizards. Lol I love Peanut's alert face--so adorable!!! My friend use to work at Friend of a Farmer!! That cornbread looks SO good. I hope that the heat gives you a break soon! In the mean time try to stay indoors as much as possible and stay hydrated :D


crazylittlethingneela said...

i still have not tried penne with vodka sauce. it sounds amazing. but i cant find any restaurants that sell this dish in europe. maybe i need to inspire them by asking them to make it ;)

Marina said...

Neela ~ A lot of authentic Italian restaurants should know how to make it! ;)

Gabriela said...

I've heard such great things about Friend of a Farmer!! Did you watch the first season of The City? Adam Senn (the model who was dating the anorexic model) is actually the owner of Il Bastardo. Fun trivia :) Stay cool love!! xoxo

justjac said...

Yayy for Whole Foods baked goods!!!! They are seriously the best, aren't they!! Haven't tried their cheesecake yet but the others are fab and I'm sure it didn't let you down!

Love the p nut pics too :D