Monday, November 8, 2010

Cold Days & Tofu Brunches (November 8th)

It feels like we've bypassed fall and we're already into winter! Wtf happened?! :( In any case, I've been trying to eat well to ward off any colds, etc. But I am a HUGE vitamin fan, so that helps. (For reference I love the brand Rainbow Light and take quite a few of their supplements.)

The last two brunches I had out were at two of my favorite vegan restaurants, and BOY do they both know how to make a tofu scramble!

The first was at Blossom a few weeks ago...

And the second was at Sacred Chow just this past weekend... and it was so crowded I actually had to wait for a table! This place has really caught on... the "secret" is out and people are flocking to it now! Back when I started going in 2007, I was the only person in the place!

Sacred Chow's wasn't quite as good because they put too much pepper on the home fries. However, that's just nit-picking! lol

My mom and I had a nice dinner Friday night at the Olive Garden. We hadn't been in a long time and I got to try some new stuff on their menu...

Starting with the old favorites... breadsticks & salad (I always munch on the breadsticks, mom on the salad).

I got a venetian sunset drink (mom got a strawberry martini which was literally the size of a swimming pool-- in fact, you can see it in the background!).

One of my favorites, minestrone soup (which they claim-- and I hope-- is vegetarian!).

Their new lasagna rollata al forno (which was tasty, although I think I still prefer the ziti al forno).

And I was FAR too stuffed for dessert, but I got one of their new mini "dolcini" desserts to go. You can choose 3 for a set price, or pay for them individually. I just got one, the strawberry & white chocolate cream cake. I PRAY they make a large size of this. It was amazing!

And lastly, colder weather means cuddling. And Peanut takes full advantage of the situation whenever there is something warm to lay on!

Splaying out on the sheets...

And nestling in warm laundry. :)

And on a side note, I met this nice family at Sacred Chow who was asking me about vegetarian restaurants. They told me how they found out about that restaurant through Happy Cow (which is a great resource for vegetarians btw!). It's funny that they picked me to talk to, as I pretty much am the authority on vegetarian restaurants in this city! lol Of course I told them about Wild Ginger too... I swear, Wild Ginger should pay me a salary!

Ok, that's all for now!


VeggieGirl said...

Ahh I know! Crazy winter weather here too :(

Aww peanut :)

From Here to There. In Purple. said...

seriously. it went from fall tow inter in about 6 hours. i blame daylight savings :P

Anonymous said...

WOw looks like great restaurant eats as of late! It's always funny to have those 'secret' places that then a bunch of other people find out about and then it's like words out!...

I love Spice Market, they aren't known for vegetarian fare but they are in the meatpacking district, 13th I think, and they do have a bunch of veg options - so good, you should definitely check it out!

I haven't been to OG in forever, this post is making me crave it! lol! Also craving kitty cuddle time - I'm away at college so i don't get to see mine very often, I think tomorrow night though? gah, i miss her! ;)