Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New & Tasty Eats! November 17th

I want to start off with my review of the other MorningStar Farms entree (you can see the review of my first one here). Now I am usually a HUGE fan of MorningStar Farms, but their entrees have been disappointing. :(

I normally like pretty much any vegetarian lasagna, but this one had an awful taste and texture. It just didn't taste much like lasagna. So it's only 270 calories. I'd rather they put another 100 calories in it and have it be edible! The ONLY thing I liked in it were the "sausage" crumbles. And that's because I really love their veggie sausage (as you can see here). Unfortunately though, there was hardly ANY sausage in it! Not good.

Luckily I had a great meal at Tue Thai Food. I have gotten food delivered from them, but never visited their restaurant in the village (on Greenwich Ave. & 8th st.).

Look at this amazing lunch! And for just under $10 too! I got their pad se ew with tofu for my entree, and the lunch special comes with an appetizer of your choice (I chose spring rolls, of course!), a side salad and beverage of your choice (I got a coke, which you can just make out in the picture in that cute little jar).

For breakfast this past weekend I made Trader Joe's BIG cinnamon buns.

Mom and I enjoyed these. There is little that Trader Joe's makes that I DON'T like. lol

This week I had a great lunch delivered from Suzie's, one of my favorite chinese restaurants.

I got a vegetarian egg roll and their sizzling tofu in black bean sauce (this is an exclusive dish of their's and is really tasty).

And yesterday I went to the doctor's downtown... long story, but my doctor is downtown in Chinatown because it's one of the only places that accepts my health insurance! lol She's great though, so I don't mind going.

Anyways, after my appointment I stopped in an adorable bakery in Soho. I must have been by this place before, but it looked new to me! It's called Little Cupcake Bakeshop and it's on Prince St. It's funny, I had really been craving a cupcake too!

I got their golden vanilla one, which had chocolate buttercream frosting. I am not kidding when I say this was AMAZING. I seriously don't know what they even put in it to taste so good, and truthfully, I don't care!!

As for my Peanuts, he was having quite a time when I got a package that had some of those white foam packing bits.

And he spent some time watching the figure skating with me this past weekend.

Ok, that's all until Thanksgiving! Enjoy this fall weather while it lasts!!


Tori said...

Aw! I really like the new Morningstar lasagna! I've bought it twice already :)

You are the vegetarian conessieur though, so you've probably had much better veggie lasagna in the past to compare it to!

Marina said...

^^Well, to each their own! Maybe my Mom has spoiled me with hers!

Bliss Doubt said...

I enjoy watching figure skating on TV too. Here in San Antonio, I can pretend it's all wintry and cozy while watching the skaters.

Happy Thanksgiving Marina.

leashieloo said...

Aww, your cat is adorable :) And wow, I haven't tried TJ's cinnamon rolls yet but I'm going to have to. They look amazing. It's a shame to hear the MS entrees aren't very good, I've been wondering about them.

Marina said...

Bliss Doubt ~ Good to hear from you again! I was wondering what happened to you!!

Bliss Doubt said...

Marina, when you changed your possible comments media a while back, I couldn't do it any more. I tried and tried to figure it out. Yesterday it just worked. Stupid computer. I've been reading all along though. Glad you're well. Love seeing Peanut.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Marina said...

^^Oh I see! Sorry about that! Glad to hear you still followed the blog though!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!