Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine... February 14th

  • has fishy breath
  • uses fresh step
  • has a chubby belly
  • loves kibble
Yup, you guessed it!

And he is so handsome too! :) So who is your valentine?

Last weekend I had a very "Valentine's Day" brunch...

I got french toast with their homemade strawberry sauce and cream at Brick Cafe here in Astoria (it came with a side of potatoes too). All for $7! Talk about a great deal! (One of the only great deals I could find too... most restaurants here in Astoria are as expensive as Manhattan, or worse!!)

And my first Lightlife review is actually a product they didn't send me, but rather one I bought with the free coupon they gave me at the event I went to. Because I liked their mini hamburgers so much at the event, I bought a package.

And I had one of their burgers with Alexia's sweet potato fries (the new kind with sea salt and pepper). All in all I like the texture of Lightlife's burger. It's very "meaty" and filling. They are not your typical frozen burger, and you can find them in the refrigerated section.

And I swear, dairy (at least in large quantities) isn't for me. Mom made her mushroom lasagna last weekend, which was good, but upset my stomach. :(

I also tried a thai place in the area called Yajai.

I got their pad see ew with tofu. It tasted almost exactly the same as it does at Spice or Sea Thai in Manhattan. Unfortunately though, they don't give you a free appetizer, just a free soda (who needs that?!). So I've yet to try their spring rolls.

And yesterday I got a mango smoothie at a great health food store on Steinway St. called Organics For All. (The picture isn't appetizing, but the quality of the smoothie was terrific!)

I am glad that my "valentine" is adjusting well to the new apartment. He loves to look out my window...

and roll around on the floor (notice that he practically "blends in" to the floor!!)...

but his favorite of course, is his "perch" in the living room with Pellet (who recently had a bath... I like to give him one every several months because Peanut gets him so dirty!).

Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could have had a valentine as handsome as peanut!! :)
Glad to hear he is settling in well to the new place

Marina said...

Thank you Neela! :)

Vegan Chick Pea said...

You had a beautiful valentine! :)

Anonymous said...

who needs men when you have cute peanut!?