Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Restaurant & Review! November 19th

My time here in the village is running out, as I'll be moving again in January (as I mentioned in my last post below). So I want to make sure I try all the vegetarian restaurants the village has to offer before I move (because Brooklyn, or wherever we ultimately end up moving will have it's own new veggie restaurants for me to explore!). So for lunch today I went to Red Bamboo. It is pretty much right next door to Vegetarian's Paradise 2 (as both are on West 4th St. off 6th Ave.). Red Bamboo is nearly identical to Vegetarian's Paradise in every way... the seating, the space, atmosphere, food, etc. It kind of makes you wonder why they bothered to put two nearly identical restaurants on top of one another! But hey, I have no complaints! The menu at Red Bamboo is slightly different though. They focus on more southern food, although I got nearly the same things at both restaurants. lol Anyways, here is what I had...

Of course, I started off with spring rolls. These were delicious as always! They are generously sized and not tiny like some other places.

Then I had their asian spinach dumplings... these were excellent and I loved the sauce that came with them as well! (Oh, and the dumplings came on a bed of salad, which I didn't eat.)

In the blurry picture below you can see everything that I had, including a side of steamed brown rice. (The lighting, angles were not the best for food blogging... at least not where I was seated! lol)

I was too full to have dessert there, but I couldn't resist getting a slice of their vegan oreo cheesecake to take home with me!

This was pretty good, but I've had better. I much prefer REAL cheesecake (sorry vegans, but that's the truth!).

When I got out of the restaurant it was already raining out, and when I got home, I was quite wet. Peanut, however, was not-- he was nice and cozy. :)

Later we played with a feather toy...

Now on to another great find... One of my favorite things in the world is coffee cake. There's something about having cinnamon in the morning that gets me going! So one day when I was shopping at the Whole Foods Market, I happened upon these...

Organic coffee cakes made by a company in New Jersey called Organic Pantry. They're in the frozen section and come 3 to a box. I just take one out of the wrapping, stick it on a plate and microwave it for 30 seconds... perfection! It tastes like this amazing coffee cake that my Grandma makes, although I'm sure this one is healthier!

That's all for today, my lovelies!


tra said...

hhahaha you're not harping! i do go to bed CRAZY early tho.

when i was sick, i still got up at the same time.

however, sometimes it catches up to me, so one day that post will read: I SLEPT IN! to 8 am!

how are you?

umm. coffeecake?! YUM!

Joy of Food said...

Coffee cake sounds like my kinda cake. Sweet and coffee tasting :-)


Neela Marijana said...

thanks for the review! everything looks good. and i love seeing my little peanut again ;)

Anonymous said...

I love coffee cake!

I need to go to Red Bamboo! Aaaah, I have had their menu bookmarked forever. Sounds delish :D

Bliss Doubt said...

That Peanut has the prettiest face on the net! The picture of him being cozy is typical cat saying "you had to go out and get wet but I'm still here all snuggy". They gloat the same way when you have to go to work in the morning and they get to sleep in.

Jenny said...

I can't remember the last time I had coffee cake! m'mm this reminds me of those Drake's mini coffee cakes .. I love!