Monday, November 30, 2009

Daily Eats ~ November 30th

Decided to do a "daily eats" post today to finish off the month (which flew by!). My personal life has been it's usual chaotic state. If anybody's seen my boyfriend, please let me know! lol In all seriousness though, I barely even have a boyfriend anymore, due to a whole host of problems (much of which that he's created). But in all fairness, this economy is ruining everybody's lives. Men do not do well under financial pressures... as a result, I've gone on the back burner. But enough about my problems... I met a friend for drinks and cheesecake this weekend and I'm happy to report that I'm not eating as healthy as I should, and you know what? I just don't care! And there is truly something magical about not caring. I basically eat whatever I want now and I'm happy with that. I've come along way and I'm proud of that fact. :)

I had some orange juice and 3 of these adorable mini chocolate chip muffins that I got on sale at the Whole Foods Market this week!

I was in the mood for a nice omelette, and went to a famous restaurant downtown called Jane (on West Houston St.). I got an egg white omelette with a side of toast. It was good, but I was a little thrown by the goat cheese that they put in it... I'm not really a fan I suppose. lol Next time I have to try their french toast, which I hear is excellent!

Ok, so it's not quite Christmas yet! But December is already upon us, and I found this chocolate Santa while I was browsing CVS today. I had it after lunch, as I didn't eat much of the omelette.

Later on I had a strawberry Wallaby organic yogurt with some Kashi GoLean Honey Almond Flax cereal on top.

Mom and I got a pizza from Pomodoro's. They are famous for their vodka sauce, so we tried their vodka pizza. It was good, but I think I still prefer their regular that I've gotten a few other times at the restaurant (you can see the difference between the slices here).

Ok kids, this is the real deal. I'm obsessed with these Betty Crocker Warm Delight bowls! And their new one, creamy chocolate cake is HEAVEN. Enough said!

Peanut has been getting into EVERYTHING lately and last night he broke the cute owl salt shaker that I got for my Mom. Speaking of which, does anyone want to adopt him?! lol Just kidding of course, he's my fluffy little boy.


traynharder23 said...

OMG. i miss honey almond flax cereal! LOL! seriously warm delights are GOOD?! i dunnoooooo hahah but i'll take your word for it!

how are you doing!? don't get stressed! it's not fun! i know, the economy is totally hurting.

Neela Marijana said...

sorry to hear about your relationship issues. hope it all works out for the two of you.
that vodka sauce on he pizza sounds good ;)

traynharder23 said...

that granola is BOMB. i like the flavor! too bad they don't make MASS quantities of this granola...or maybe that's a good thing.

VeggieGirl said...

You knew WE would take Peanut over here! :-D

Hang in there with the chaos!

blueeyedheart said...

Sorry you're having personal stress... I hope it all works out for you. It's awesome that you are eating whatever you want, whenever you want to, and not caring! :)

<3 <3

dearbonnie said...

Hi Marina, I just found your blog and have loved reading.
I'm sorry about your personal problems, I hope everything works out ok.
Peanut is absolutley a cutipie.


joyofood said...

I love chocolate santas. I'm sorry things with your boyfriend aren't going well. I hope things get better.