Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brunches & Lunches! August 21st

Just a quick update today with some delicious brunch and lunch dishes that I've had recently...

Last weekend I went to brunch at the Blue Water Grill... I don't think I've been there since last August (see here)! Wow, a year goes by quickly!

I started off with their amazing bread... they always have great breads at brunch. I had two slices of their cinnamon raisin bread (at least that's what I think it was!).

Then I had their grilled asparagus and wild mushroom omelette, but I opted for cheddar cheese instead of goat cheese (which I hate!). Their omelettes always come with tasty potatoes too (plus, a free beverage-- I always get their fresh squeezed orange juice!).

One day this week I ordered lunch in from Suzie's. I got their lunch special which is a great deal. I got the bean curd homestyle, which is basically tofu and vegetables. And it comes with vegetarian wonton soup, a vegetarian egg roll, and vegetable fried rice.

Another great lunch I had was at Sacred Chow. I had been there for brunch many, many times, but never for lunch. I have always heard good things about their soy meatball hero, so that's what I ordered!

It was really good and tasted very authentic (Italian). It was very filling too, I couldn't finish it all!

And for brunch today I went to a little place in the village (but really popular brunch spot), Elephant & Castle (on Greenwich Ave. & West 11th St.).

I ordered the eggs n' apples benedict on french toast with maple syrup. How amazing does that sound?! And it was! They are famous for this dish and I can see why. It was like a spiced up version of eggs and toast.

And when I got home, I forced Peanut into another picture with me! lol

Here's a better shot of him though, up-close. He really is such a beauty!


runwritetherapylife said...

Brunches are my favorite meal by far although I like a good lunch too! You always seem to find the best Asian-inspired restaurants; I love it. I have been enjoying a lot of macrobiotic stuff lately, which some of these meals remind me off.

And the egg and apple french toast? Sounds like a major winner. I once had an apple and brie omelet that was soooo good. Love the sweet/savory combo.

Happy weekend to you and Peanut!

Kelsey said...

omg the sacred chow food is getting even better!! haha i didnt think it was possible!
some places just do it right tho, uno? always tasty, fresh, and filling :)

hope ur having a fantastic weekend!!

From Here to There. In Purple. said...

yumm i love brunches-- bc you have the option to go savory OR sweet... or both!!

sweet dreams lovely <3
becca xo

Gabriela said...

I still haven't been to Sacred Chow!! We need to schedule a meetup there this fall :) Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!

Marina said...

Gabriela ~ Sure thing! Just shoot me an e-mail when you can meet up! You'll LOVE Sacred Chow, it's the best! :)

Quisha said...

Eggs Benedict :) My fave. Kitty's still cute too! Haha.