Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peanuts & other tasty eats! August 31st

I've been snapping photos of Peanut over the last few weeks... you know, one of the joys of watching your cat grow from the time he's a tiny kitten, is getting to bond with him and watch their personality develop. And Peanut has SUCH a personality!!

Sitting pretty on my vanity stool. :)


Sitting pretty.

Messing around in Mom's drawer.

Peanut LOVES coupons or any crumpled paper really... he has his eye on the coupons in these photos.

And here are some of my eats over the past week...

A proper dinner for a change... Boca chik'n nuggets, Alexia oven fries with sea salt, and a Birds Eyes mini ear of corn.

I had a meeting downtown last week which ran late, and by the time I got out I was starving so I headed to Peep for a late lunch. I got the usual...

Spring rolls...

and their saffron fried rice with tofu.

Pizza from Rivoli's in the West Village (there are two apparently... one is on 7th Ave. & 11th St. and the other is on Hudson St... we order from the one closer to us now on 7th... both are amazing though!).

And while it's not health food by any means, I've been crazy about these lately!

Nestle drumsticks... so good! :)

I got a job working for a NYC magazine, but we aren't paid a salary... we only make money on sales commissions, so that's eating up a lot of my time now. I will try to update when I can!


justjac said...

Congrats on your new job, girl! WOrking for a NYC magazine is my ultimate goal!! That's too bad it's paid on commission though!

Omgosh I lurve those ice creams!! So good, especially in the summer!

Seeing peanut always makes me miss my kitty--agreed about watching them grow from kittenhood! Its so fun/unique to be able to experience that, like we are their "moms"

coffeeandthepaper said...

Peanut totally reminds me of a human, especially in that second pic where he's "clutching" the pillow. I totally do that too.

Seeing all of your Thai eats is giving my a cravvvving for some tom yum soup!

tropicaleats.com said...

congrats girl!!! im on the job hunt too for something up there.

drumsticks are SO good. love those things!

Gabriela said...

Wow, congrats on the job! Sounds great!! I haven't had a Nestle drumstick in ages...so good though :) We definitely have to organize another meetup SOON!

Kelsey said...

nothing beats nestle drumsticks. i never buy them anymore.. i used to have them around the house when my brother lived with me cuz they were his fav. sometimes id buy the caramel filling ones which were so good!

i want peanut!! hehe.. hmm "The Adventures of Peanut the Cat" <3

Healthy. Happy. Well. said...

congrats on the new job! Sounds like a handful, but you seem to be handling it well! Yummy spring rolls, I haven't had those in ages!

kellebelle said...

Congrats on the job!
All your pics are so fab... I want to eat them all (eh... well apart from the cat!). Wish Dublin has as much veggie food as NYC! I lived above a vegan restaurant when I lived in San Fran - most amazing place in the world!!!