Thursday, August 12, 2010

A long over-due update! August 12th

Sorry it's been so long guys! I've been busy focusing on other things... mainly, like getting a good paying, steady job... which hasn't happened quite yet, but I'm working on it! Here are just a few of my eats over the past couple weeks (when I actually remember to take pictures!):

A couple weekends ago I tried the breakfast sandwich at Sacred Chow...

I actually prefer their tofu scramble more, but it was good none the less! The tempeh bacon was just ok, but still, you aren't going to get a better vegan meal anywhere in the city than this place (believe me, I've tried them ALL!).

I've been frequenting Good Stuff Diner a lot... it's my new favorite place!

And my mozzarella sticks/smoothie combo really goes together well! This is not "diner" food, but actually great quality... and I care far more about quality of food than anything else!

My usual favorite meal at Qi...

Spring rolls...

and pineapple fried rice.

Finally, the other day I tried a new vegan restaurant called Gobo (on 8th St. & 6th Ave.). They are another pan-asian veggie restaurant.

I wanted to try a few different things there, but their restaurant menu is SO much more expensive than the take-out menu I had seen online, that I only got the pineapple fried rice-- which was really good, but $14?! Insane!

And here is what Peanut has been up to...

Relaxing on the piano.

Peeking at me.

In the laundry (again).

Lounging in his favorite box.

Chasing/nibbling his tail! :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer while it lasts! I'll be updating when I can.


Tori said...

When and if I ever make a trip to NY, I know who I'm getting in touch with! You will have to take me to all the awesome restaurants in your beautiful city. Or atleast give me directions! Haha!

<3 Tori

Marina said...

^^You can count on it!! :)

Kelsey said...

wow sacred chow makes the best breakfast sandwich ive ever seen!! i cant believe how delicious looking that is!! amazing!

thanks for the update! oh how i love your posts!! <3 <3

hope uve been getting lots of sunshine and laughter in love :)


Marina said...

^^Thanks so much Kelsey! Hope all is well with you too! said...

hey girl!!!

sorry i missed you in nyc the other week :( i may be up there soon... googling nyc jobs non stop.

hope all is well! i love reading all about the vegan restaurants you find