Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Petit Fours & Peanuts! December 8th

This morning my Swiss Colony petit fours (and other assorted goods) were delivered. We order from them every year around the holidays. I took pictures of what we got soon after they arrived! :)

First, my favorites, the red velvet cake petit fours!

Next, was a set of their 24 petit fours in all different flavors. These were free, believe it or not! They have a lot of good deals around the holidays (check out RetailMeNot *hint hint* :).

Also free, were these chocolate covered macadamia nuts!

For breakfast this morning I tried a new find that I got at Whole Foods. I was always a big fan of cinnamon Pop Tarts, but once I found out that they were covered in gelatin, I quickly lost my appetite! lol So instead I found these vegetarian ones by Nature's Path. I got the frosted brown sugar maple cinnamon ones, and they taste just like the cinnamon Pop Tarts I was used to, only they're better! It just goes to show you, the people at Kellogg's could use vegetarian (aka non disgusting) ingredients if they chose to, but instead they continue to plaster Pop Tarts filled with artificial (and I'm sure, cheaper) ingredients. These are all natural and I highly recommend them!

I had to head downtown to run some errands today anyway, so I decided to take a slight detour and try one of the last vegetarian restaurants that I never got around to trying, Village Natural (on Greenwich Ave. in the West Village). They are very similar to Vegetarian's Paradise 2 and Red Bamboo, and strangely, all 3 restaurants are really close to one another! However, despite the better atmosphere, I really wasn't wild about the food!

I started off with their spring rolls. I was surprised at how big these were, and they were good, but not nearly as good as a lot of spring rolls I've had. I wasn't wild about the sauce they gave me to go with them either (unlike Wild Ginger's-- now that sauce is incredible!!).

I got their "dim sum" or steamed vegetable dumplings. These were very bland tasting-- nothing special. And again, they gave me the same sauce that they gave me to go with the spring rolls (which I wasn't wild about).

I also got a side of brown rice. They gave me some weird colored sauce to go with that too, but I was too afraid to try it. lol

So overall, not a winner. I still recommend Wild Ginger and Qi Asian Eatery as my top asian restaurant picks (that are veggie friendly, of course!).

Now on to Peanut. His new favorite game involves chasing his tail on the back of the toilet! lol He does this EVERY SINGLE DAY now. It's really cute. Here are some pictures I got...

Notice in the last picture he looks ashamed that I caught him in the act! haha He is SO freaking cute though! Today I bought him a snuggie at Petco! I couldn't help it, it looked so cute (even though they are technically for dogs!). The trick will be getting him to wear it though!

Tomorrow NYC is expected to get a storm of some sort, so I'll probably be staying in and doing my gingerbread house. I swear, the fun never ceases! ;)


VeggieGirl said...

Sorry about Village Natural :(

Hahahaha Peanut was CAUGHT!

Speaking of Petco, Chooey will be getting her photo taken with Santa there this weekend... oh boy, it'll be an interesting occurrence, haha.

Marina said...

Liz ~ I saw that advertised at my Petco too! Somehow I don't think Peanut would like meeting Santa! lol I can't wait to see how Chooey's picture comes out! :)

Anonymous said...

I never understood why food is too pretty to eat sometimes. ;)

<3 <3

Bliss Doubt said...

Gawd, I LOVE those Nature's Path pop tarts. Organic and natural junk food, gotta laugh. My favorite flavor is the cherry pomegranate. The chocolate ones are good too.

I'm sorry your friend is losing his home. Nothing could be worse than that, just nothing.

I hope things will be looking better soon, for both of you.

Marina said...

Bliss Doubt ~ I am not 100% sure that he has lost his apartment, but I think he may have or is in the process of losing it. He will not be homeless, as he has a mother and sisters that he can live with, but I'm sure he is feeling really bad about himself, hence the silence from him.

Missy said...

Thanks for the info on Village Natural! Now I know not to try that one out haha! Those Nature's Path poptarts look so good!

Anonymous said...

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