Sunday, January 30, 2011

The moving re-cap & more! January 30th

This past week has been such a blur. Naturally on our moving day (Wednesday) was a blizzard, but somehow we forged ahead and got moved into our new apartment (which is truly a PALACE compared to where we were staying in Manhattan!). We're on the top floor now, which we deserve after having to listen to people stomp around above us for the past two years, living on the first floor! Peanut is still adjusting and doesn't really know what to make of it. But every day he's doing better and not hiding as much. And of course, I've been finding some eats here and there around Astoria! So let's get to it!!

The first night we were SO tired. We had all we could do to order pizza! Luckily there is a good pizza place near by called Salerno's that we ordered from. (The first place we tried, Rizzo's, was a disaster! The most horrible pizza we've ever seen! But hey, you live and learn!)

(Notice, no plates! Only paper towels that first night!)

I have found the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER. They are HUGE and VEGAN too!!! I happened upon them at Sai Organics, a chain of health food stores here in Astoria (there's only two of them I believe, both on 30th Ave.). They make a lot of their own organic and vegan foods, so I'll be stopping by there often!!

Yesterday I met my friend Melissa for brunch at Grand Cafe. It was nice to see a familiar face, especially since I don't know a soul around here! lol

Their pre-fixe brunch was good (although they DID rip us off for getting egg whites!!). They started off by giving us some mini muffins...

Then we had a choice of drink and coffee or tea. I chose an orange juice and tea.

For my entree I had an egg white omelette with avocado and tomato with french fries (and it came with a side of whole wheat toast).

(These fries were SOOO good too-- they reminded me of McDonald's fries, which I haven't had in ages!!)

Melissa and I will be attending an event this Wednesday hosted by LightLife that we are really looking forward to, that I can't wait to blog about!! So stay tuned for that!!

On my way home from brunch I stopped in the other Sai Organics store (the one further from me) and saw that they had a new Luna Bar! Of course I had to get it!

I tried this today and it was okay. The chocolate chunk flavor could have been better if they added a layer of chocolate or icing of some sort at the bottom (like most Luna bars... my favorites being iced oatmeal raisin and the cookies & cream one).

And today I stopped in Mt Olympus Bagels to make my bagel sandwich that I like (with swiss cheese-- yes, I cannot sustain a vegan diet!!!).

(I had another favorite, a Mott's peach medley apple sauce with it.)

As for Peanut, he hid (which is unlike him) for most of the first two days we were in the new apartment (as you can see!).

But he's coming out of hiding more and more, and is back to his usual tricks!

(He's licking my valentine ring pop!)

I am happy in our new place though. It is so quiet, and the view is gorgeous. It really reminds me of those roof top scenes in Mary Poppins!

Ok, well our "fun" doesn't end there. Tomorrow we have to go back to our old apartment in Manhattan and tie up some loose ends (like taking down our wall, going through the apartment inspection, etc.). So it's going to be yet another busy week ahead! And everyone please PRAY that we are spared another blizzard this week! All of us here in NY truly can't take much more!!!


Rebecca said...

how exciting. i hope youre enjoying every moment of this exciting transition!!

VeggieGirl said...

So glad you survived the move!

Aww Peanut :)))

Shannon said...

loved reading about this! you guys are brave for moving when you did. I thought about you bc the next day was that crazy blizzard!!

Can't wait to read about all of the restaurant gems you find in Astoria :) And super jealous of your huge apt!

Vegan Chick Pea said...

This post was awesome. Here are three reasons that pop out:
1. Vegan cookies
2. Luna bars
3. Peanut being cute
Of course, the move is great! Glad to hear it went well and everything is better where you are now. Congrats!

Missy said...

Nice seeing you Saturday!! Can't wait for Wednesday!! We will have to experiment with new brunch places all the time! Your view of the city is soo pretty!

leashieloo said...

One of the new Lunas! How exciting, I'm still trying to find them on my grocery store shelves. Glad to hear your move went well! said...

SO exciting!!

I've never had the chocolate chunk luna bar--prob the only one ive not tried :(

Marina said...

Thanks guys!

And to the above comment, that flavor of Luna bar is very new. So it just probably hasn't come out yet in your area!!

Ada said...

Glad your move went well!

Maggie @ Say Yes to Salad said...

You finally moved! Glad it went well :)

Marina said...

^^I just e-mailed you ironically! lol (So check your Facebook!!)