Monday, January 24, 2011

We're on our way out... January 24th

Well, the move is less than 2 days away now, and thank God the weather isn't supposed to be as bad as they initially thought for Wednesday! We've been extremely busy as you can imagine. The only person that has been enjoying themselves during this whole debacle has been Peanut! He feels like "king of the pride" on top of all these boxes (and reminds me of Simba a bit!).

On Thursday we had our lease signing in Queens, and then when we got back we had dinner at The Olive Garden.

I had breadsticks and minestrone soup...

and the very un-vegan five cheese(!) ziti al forno. (This is SO good though, I'm terrified to know what they put in it! lol)

I also got 3 of their mini (and I do mean mini, think bite sized!) desserts to go! They look prettier here (and you can get them individually or 3 of your choice):

I love the strawberry & white chocolate cream cake one! But the chocolate caramel one and tiramisu one were good too.

Last week I also stopped by my favorite, Wild Ginger... and I got the usual...

And today I stopped in one of my favorite asian eateries, Qi (and got my usual there too).

I've really been trying to fit in food whenever I can, not really paying much attention to what I ate (for example today I ended up eating chinese food twice!!). And it's going to be difficult for the next week or so. I look forward to canvasing Astoria for great eats though! ;)

Anyways, here is what Peanut has been up to the rest of the week!

Playing on my bed.

Hiding under the covers while my mom tries to make her bed.

And of course, LOTS of playtime on all the boxes! (He loves to sleep on the highest boxes, as you can see!)

Ok folks, the next time I post I'll be blogging from Astoria! See you then!


Kelsey said...

the desserts may be mini but they sure look like that pack a lot of flavor in them!!
awe can i just mention the last photo, the little arm/paw tucked under hehe, sleep tight little one :)

the move is so soon, 2 days away huh? and then its off to ASTORIA!!! this is such an exciting time for you right now!! :D


ohonemorething said...

Best of luck with the move!!! Peanut is so adorable :D Matilda does the King of Pride Rock too lol. Ohh I'd like some dumplings and fried rice too please ;p Olive Garden bread sticks! Keep 'em coming!


Vegan Chick Pea said...

Everything you ate looks delicious. The bite-sized desserts, the wild ginger food, etc. And Peanut/Simba is the cutest!

crazylittlethingneela said...

I am so happy for you that the big move is fianally here and you can get it all out of your way marina!
I love peanut and how active he is in the whole move ;)
I would love to go to you to that wild ginger restaurant and try some dumplings. maybe one day when I can come to NY!
have a wonderful week and can't wait to see you from astoria!

Healthy. Happy. Well. said...

Oh Olive Garden! I remember when it came to my little town in Kansas for the first time and everyone went absolutely crazy over it! The mini desserts to go sound like a fun little treat. Good luck with the rest of your move!

justjac said...

Good luck with the big move!
Take care!! said...

i just got all caught up on your life!!!! Congrats on finding a place! I'm sure it will be amazing and just like home when you're all settled in.

The whole process of moving definitely sucks though!

lola413 said...

You're in Lefrek City!!

lola413 said...

You're in Lefrek City!!