Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blog Award & Questions ~ March 2nd

I'd like to thank the lovely Gabriela at the Une Vie Saine blog for passing on the Honest Scrap Award to me!! :)

Here are the questions that Gabriela has tagged me to answer!

Best Meal Ever: This is so hard! I've had so many amazing vegetarian meals here in Manhattan, but I'd have to say that the most incredible meal I've ever had was in Disney World!

Best Sleep Ever: When I was little on a camping trip and I was the only one to sleep through a GIGANTIC storm. I only wish I could sleep that well now!

Best Cup of Coffee: I don't drink it, if you can believe it!

Best Romantic Moment: When my boyfriend was giving me a tour of his neighborhood... It was a full moon, a beautiful night, and he was using a straw as his "pointer" that he had picked up at the restaurant we were at! lol It was adorable, actually. It's a toss up between that, and our first kiss.

Best Childhood Memory: Getting my then kitten, Cloudy (you can see more about Cloudy here).

Best Moment of Life: I'd like to think it hasn't happened yet, and the best is yet to come! (I can't believe I'm being positive for once! lol)

Best Moment of Revenge: Ha! This is a good one. Our upstairs neighbors last year were REAL pains in the asses! They had the nerve to complain they could hear us "talking," when it sounded like a heard of elephants above us! So one day when they were being really loud I called the management company and got one of the building's managers on the phone. I held the phone up to the ceiling and got those b******s in big trouble!! LOL!

Best Thing You Have Ever Done for Someone: I can't put my finger on one particular thing, but I love to help people who are struggling with eating disorders. I know how hard it is to go at it on your own, so I like to help when I can!

Best Life Changing Moment: Adopting little Peanut last year! :)


In other news... I've been having the same old, same old when it comes to my eats (which is why I didn't bother posting pictures). I've been getting a lot of migraines lately too which have put me off food, and I went to the doctor yesterday to get my old migraine medicine prescription re-filled (since I haven't needed my meds in so long!). I have a physical coming up at the end of the month though, so hopefully they will figure out what's wrong. But I wouldn't hold my breath-- doctors are SO clueless when it comes to stuff. I know, because I have a history of migraines on and off over the years and no one has been able to figure out why I get headaches when I do! But my hormones have been totally out of whack ever since I went on, then came off the birth control pill, so I think that's what triggered my migraines again. :(
Can anyone relate?


Gabriela said...

Loved reading your bests! I'm on BC and I think I will be for the foreseeable future, but all the side effects I read about kind of scare me!!

Marina said...

^^Yes, it really is scary. And what's so scary with my story is that I was on the EXACT same birth control just a few years ago with little or no side effects. This time I could barely tolerate it for 2 months! You really do have to be careful though, because the side effects to birth control pills are ENDLESS and doctors pretend not to notice how horrible they are!!

traynharder23 said...

that's so cute about your bf! and yeah- tom hanks at my sister's graduation? TOTALLY TRUE! =D

Katie said...

Congrats on the award!

Your revenge story is great! Nothing wrong with being a little vindictive every once in a while.

Sorry about your migraines. Have you changed your caffeine intake?

Marina said...

^^ Thanks! No, I haven't changed my caffeine intake, but you're right that can cause headaches!

lynn @ the actors diet said...

i wanna hear more about this disneyworld meal!!!

ohonemorething said...

I love this post!! Your romantic night with your boyfriend sounds soo nice and simple and just adorable :D All of your list made me smile, and I had to laugh at the horrible neighbors. lol sometimes I really wonder why people think they can lie about things that are obviously not true. I hope you feel better girlie! I use to get weird unexplainable headaches that would go away just as suddenly as they came. Only once was it a migraine I believe. Have you tried aromatherapy? That could help :D


Marina said...

Lynn ~ I can't even remember one specific meal... all of them were so good though! I like all the character themed restaurants I guess. lol

Katharina ~ You always post such thoughtful comments! :) I never tried aromatherapy, but I've tried a whole bunch of things. The strange thing is that my headaches come and go, but I think the pill definitely triggered it.

sophia said...

Aw, I'm sorry about your migraines...I really do hope they figure out what's wrong! I've never really had severe headaches before so I can't relate...but positive prayers your way! Feel better soon, girl!

runwritetherapylife said...

I was about to give you the same award, hehe :)

I hope you feel better soon. I have migraines on and off too and I know they're related to my cycle. Ewww.

Marina said...

Caronae ~ That's so sweet! Well, you could always give me another! j/k ;) And yes a lot of women get migraines around "that time of the month." That's part of why I'm so messed up now... my hormones are still "confused" as to what "time of the month" it is! Does that make sense??