Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Computer Saga! March 8th & 9th

After 2 failed repairs over the last 2 years on my black Macbook from 2006, I guess you could say 3 times wasn't the charm in this case! Here's my story: So yesterday morning I was on my computer like normal, I shut it, then went out. When I came back in the afternoon I opened my computer and it wouldn't turn on! I tried everything, called Apple support, etc. So I brought it down to the good old Apple store in Soho, and a "Mac Genius" took me very quickly without an appointment! They tried everything, but the up-shot was, I would have to spend hundreds of dollars in repairs that may or may not work, or buy a new computer. After a long decision process, spending nearly the entire afternoon in the store, I chose the latter and I got a new Macbook. They only make it in white now and it comes with built in Snow Leopard. So I had to put a THOUSAND dollars on my credit card yesterday! I nearly wept! But they were merciful and took a whopping $29 off my bill for returning the Snow Leopard cd I never used. Am I happy I had to buy a new computer? No. But is this computer better than the last one? Hell yes! It does make slightly different noise than I'm used to, because the hard drive sometimes makes a faint clicking sound rather than the fan noise my last one made (and this is due to the fact that it's a fancy, big hard drive and this Macbook is thinner than my last one). Still, over all, I'm pleased. It's funny how all my old technology burned out this year though. I got the new cell phone on February 8th, and now a new computer on March 8th. Life is funny that way!

Here's my old black Macbook...

And the new white one...

Now, on to the eats!

Everyone has been telling me to try these vegan "donut holes" for a while now. When I saw them on sale at Whole Foods this week, I decided to go for it! I got cinnamon and they taste just like cinnamon munchkins. Only these are WAY healthier than the ones at Dunkin' Doughnuts! I'll be buying these again ASAP! :)

Yesterday before the computer fiasco, I got in lunch at Spice in Chelsea.

I got the vegetarian steamed dumplings. They come in a "plum" sauce and I think they're pretty good. Although Wild Ginger's are better (which by the way, I'm still working on a date for our meet-up, so bare with me!).

I got my usual entree, broad black noodles with tofu. I could eat this nearly every day it's so good!

I picked up an adorable Easter goodie yesterday too! It's the "Baby Binks" mini chocolate bunny. I got it for only 79 cents at Rite Aid!

Today I had lunch at Famous Ray's Pizzeria in Greenwich Village. This has become my favorite lunch to have lately... pizza and a coke. Not healthy by any means, but it's what I've been craving lately, so I get it maybe once or twice a week.

I saw a review for this yogurt on my friend's blog here. I was so glad I got it! This is seriously the most delicious yogurt I've ever tried! It tastes like a dessert, and I suppose it has the calories of one (250 for 6 oz.), but it's worth it!

And I'll leave you with Peanut rolling around!

So in light of my recent computer fiasco, it makes me want to ask all of you, how long do your computers usually last? Mine only lasted 3 and a half years. :( Still, with Mac's I don't get any viruses, at least not yet! *knocks on wood*


Katheryn Wolf said...

Those doughnut holes look amazing. I was actually contemplating frying up some homemade, but I have a few people who are anti-having-the-kitchen-stink-forever so I may bake some instead (not the same but eh). As for vegan treats go, i've fallen in love with whole foods' vegan muffins.

The computer I used to have lasted, uh, 6 years with no replacements. This computer is about 4 years but most of the parts have been replaced or upgraded in that time. Both PCs.

Ada said...

I'm so sorry about the computer, those issues are always super stressful. Your new one looks great, though!

The people I babysit for always have that yogurt and I've been meaning to try it. Glad to know you thoroughly enjoyed it!

Gabriela said...

Sorry to hear about your computer woes! I recently had some Mac issues as well. This one is about two years old, so I hope I get another few out of it! I love that you go for pizza and coke a few times a week. I still get a little guilt from eating regular, cheesy pizza :( Have a great day!

Tori said...

If I ever go to New York, remind me to get some pizza!! It looks like New Yorkers know what they're doing :)

Anonymous said...

One of my laptops is probably around five years old... it works, but it is very sick. :p

<3 <3

sophia said...

I would weep if I had to spend a thousand dollars, too. I weep when I spend anything over $100! But I say it's a worthwhile investment! Good buy! Now you can blog some more! ;-)