Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day! March 17th

So I'm not Irish, but I wore green anyway today! I could use a little Irish luck actually... Anyways, I have quite a few eats to post, so let's get started!

A boca "chik'n" patty on a bun with cheese, some baked ruffles, and a peach medley apple sauce.

Mom made some homemade vegetarian minestrone soup and I got us some Italian bread to go with it.

I tried some more of these terrific Liberte yogurts! The plum & walnut was excellent, and the strawberry was good too. Although I still think the apple crumble one is the best!

I made some cinnamon buns this weekend that I picked up from Whole Foods. I saw these on my friend's blog and had to try them. They were REALLY good, even better than the Pillsbury ones!

I tried this new "Blueberry Bliss" Luna bar this morning. I wasn't really in the mood, so that could be the reason I wasn't wild about it, but it had too much of a strong artificial taste to me... it was very similar to the "Blueberry Bliss" Luna Sunrise bar actually.

I had a "green" lunch for St. Patty's Day... well, that wasn't really the reason. I noticed that it was very "green" after I already had ordered it! It was a pasta dish that I got at Trattoria Spaghetto, an Italian restaurant in the Village (at Bleecker St. & Carmine). It was basically penne pasta with broccoli, zucchini, in an olive oil sauce.

Tonight for "dinner" (yes I'm going to hell in a handbasket! lol) I had a Pinkberry yogurt with oreos & strawberries! It's "that time of the month" and I could hardly choke anything down today that's why... speaking of which, does anyone else always get their period on holidays?! I swear to God I do! My last one was on my birthday too! (Sorry if this is tmi, but I figure mostly women read my blog anyway!)

And the good folks at the new Galaxy Granola company sent me some samples of their granola! The UPS man delivered it today (Peanut always LOVES it when the UPS delivers a new box for him to play in! lol). Anyways, I'll be doing reviews soon of the granola. Can't wait to try it! My Mom has dibs on the raspberry one! lol I'll be trying the vanilla ones!

Speaking of Peanut and the UPS man, here he is enjoying one of the new boxes that came today! :)

I got a really cool accessory for my computer that I want to rave about! It's a cover for my new Macbook... I got it in purple (my favorite color) but it comes in lots of cool colors! The company iPearl makes these for different computers, and they even throw in a free keyboard cover too! The new white Macbooks (the October 2009 model) sort of need a cover because the outside is not the same rubbery material as the old Macbooks (like my 2006 black one). I highly recommend it (especially since with shipping the whole thing was under $30!).

I hope everyone had a nice holiday, and btw Peanut "thanks" everyone for the birthday wishes!

Oh and lastly as you can see (on the right hand side of the blog), I've finally set a date for the Wild Ginger meet-up! It will be on Sunday, April 11th at 12:30 p.m. If any of my other fellow New Yorkers (or visiting New Yorkers!) want to attend, please e-mail me!


Tori said...

Oh no! You can't say those are better than Pillsbury cinnamon buns....That just gives me another reason to be mad that I have no access to a Whole Foods. Grrr :(

Marina said...

^^No Whole Foods? I don't know what I'd do!!! :( Don't worry, the Pillsbury ones are still awesome. Maybe there's another health food store around you that carries them?

sophia said...

I have a Mac cover like that, too! mine is bright pink!

Marina said...

^^They're amazing aren't they? I feel like they really "dress up" the computer. I don't like plain white anyway!

Katie said...

I love those Liberte yogurts, too! The grains are such a nice surprise in there.

My kitties used to get into boxes, too! And paper bags. Endless fun!

Shannon, Tropical Eats said...

i wanna come to bloggy meetup! no fair :( lol. Those cinnamon buns look AWESOME! Have a great weekend chica <3

Caronae said...

I'll have to try the liberte yogurts soon. Yum! And I cannot wait for my galaxy granola samples, hopefully I won't eat them all in one day. Granola is just so yummy! I loved playing in boxes when I was a baby too, although I am not a cat like Peanut, obvs. Happy Saturday night!