Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Eats & Granola ~ March 21st

I hope everyone had a good weekend! We actually had amazing weather for a change here in NY! I did get a chance to try 2 of the samples that Galaxy Granola sent me (see reviews below). So now, on to the eats!

I have officially fallen in love with these vegan donut holes! I had tried the cinnamon ones before and loved them, so when I saw the Whole Foods near me had chocolate ones, I couldn't resist!

I liked the chocolate ones a lot, but the cinnamon is still my favorite! Both remind me of munchkins though, and that's always a good thing! (Plus these really fall under the "I can't believe it's vegan!" category.)

The other day I decided to try Galaxy's vanilla almond granola first...

I mixed it in with a Liberte blackberry yogurt (which was good, although apple crumble is still the best!). This granola reminded me very much of so many granolas that I love! I have to hand it to them, I can't tell at ALL that they used fruit juice as a natural sweetener. And you'd never know that it had less fat and sugar!

In other news, my Mom baked banana bread this weekend...

I had some of a slice for breakfast this morning...

Later on I had brunch at Blossom and got their amazing tofu scramble!

For my snack I had a strawberry fruit bar (Whole Food's 365 brand).

For dinner Mom made her very own shrimp marinara recipe. (Shrimp and clams are the only two "meats" I tolerate. And tolerate being the operative word.)

For my snack tonight I tried Galaxy Granola's "not sweet vanilla" granola along with a Chobani pineapple yogurt.

I liked the granola, although I definitely preferred the vanilla (I like the almonds in that one as well). But this is a good granola to have on hand if you want something more plain to not distract from the flavor of your yogurt!

And here are some pics I took of Peanut tonight... he was helping Mom sort coupons! lol

And a kiss from earlier this week...

Who could blame me?! He's the most adorable "man" I've ever met! lol

That's all for now! xo


Susan said...

That Galaxy Granola looks so good!
And Peanut is adorbs : )

Katie said...

Peanut's a pretty hot date, I agree!

Thanks for your support on my race :-)

Tori said...

Peanut looks like he's saying "Get out of my face" Lol!

Healthy. Happy. Well. said...

I love galaxy granola!!!

Caronae said...

I've been enjoying my galaxy granola too :) And that pasta dish looks fab girl!