Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blogger Meet-up & Other Eats! May 26th

I've been meaning to post for a few days now, but you know how it goes... I'll start with some of my eats from last weekend...


A strawberry-pineapple smoothie from the street fair on my block.

Then later I had brunch at Sacred Chow.

I got their delicious tofu scramble! It was my first time trying it there and I really liked it. It came with hash browned potatoes and your choice of salad or fruit. I opted for the fruit. ;)

Sacred Chow is always slow, being that the restaurant is tiny and they are terribly understaffed. But taking that into account, they have a pretty good attitude there and try their best. They even apologized to me for taking so long (and I didn't even complain!). That's an example of good customer service. For a bad example, see my posts below on Blossom (and they STILL haven't offered me any apology for the "incident").


I had dinner with my parents at I Tre Merli. We go to I Tre Merli Bistro often (in the West Village), but we decided to try the newly renovated, bigger version downtown (in Soho on West Broadway).

Their food was good as usual, but sadly there were some disappointments. One, their penne alla vodka had bacon in it (!!) and it did not say so on the menu (despite their claims). Luckily they did bring the dish out without the bacon pretty quickly. But the second problem was that the portions were TINY. They literally were appetizer sized!! Their "bistro" in the West Village is WAY better than this place. We never should have strayed! LOL

We were still so hungry afterwards that we went to Baskin Robbins!

I got a praline cheesecake ice cream cone. It was okay, but I wasn't that wild about it (which is weird because I usually LOVE anything cheesecake!).

Yesterday I tried the new Spice restaurant that opened up in Chelsea (at 22nd St. & 8th Ave.). What's strange is that they opened up a new one on top of the one they already had on 20th St. & 8th Ave.! None the less, I liked the new location better because it looked more like a restaurant (was more roomy) and wasn't so crowded.

I got my usual though... spring rolls & broad black noodle with tofu.

This afternoon Katharina and I finally got to meet! Coincidentally it was her birthday too! She wanted to try Lula's Sweet Apothecary, which is a vegan ice cream place in the East Village (on East 6th St. b/w Ave. A & B). She picked a great day to go, being that it was miserably hot out here in NYC! (I am not a summer person, in case you couldn't guess! lol). But none the less we had a great time chatting and the ice cream was good too!

I got a cookies & cream cone. Oh, and this tasted like real ice cream! So for your non-dairy ice cream I'd go here instead of Stogo (see my review of Stogo here).

It's funny, Katharina pointed out that it was like we had met before because we almost seemed like old friends, rather than new acquaintances! That's the power of modern technology I guess!

Last but not least, some pictures of my "fatty," (aka "Peanut" ;)!

Don't worry, he's not really fat... his belly just looks that way when it's all flattened out!

That's all for today, my lovelies!


VeggieGirl said...

SO fabulous that you got to meet Katharina!! :)

Kelsey said...

awe hehe yea his belly looks like a pancake <3

i would love to have that scramble.. i love how they didnt skimp out wit hthe potatoes and put lots on there. tofu scrambles are so delicious <3 sounds like such a beautiful weekend and blogger meetup!! xo

Janetha said...

hey girl! thanks for swinging by my blog. i LOVE katharina~ how fun to meet up with her. she's lovely and from what i have read, so are you! cute kitty!

Gabriela said...

I hate when a restaurant doesn't live up to your expectations...I guess the bistro is the way to go! Lula's is delicious, I wish there were vegan ice cream places outside of NYC!!

Anonymous said...

For real, I definitely felt like I we were old friends :D Next time I'm in town I'll come with a bigger budget lol. That ice cream was deliciously creamy and not airy and fluffy like the those other vegan fro-yo/ice cream places. Hooray for Lula's on sweltering hot days.


Anonymous said...

All that ice cream/vegan ice cream looks delish. It has been so hot and sweaty here, I am dying. I'm not a summer person either. I hate showing up to work with my face wet from walking outside for five minutes. Ugh!

I'm definitely going to try some of these places and others that you have reviewed this summer!

Anonymous said...

hahah i love your lil comment about Peanut: "dont worry, he's not really fat"

My dog is def on the heavy side right now.. in fact he kinda resembles a buffalo lol.

Bloggy meetups are the best! I love your restaurant reviews that tell it how it is