Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good News & Good Eats! May 6th

I feature a picture of the good news below, but it has to do with Wild Ginger bringing back their original spring rolls! Yes, I care that much. But the last time I went when we had the blogger meet-up, they had these mini spring rolls that weren't quite as good. But to my surprise, when I went back yesterday, the original sized ones had returned! I actually told them how happy I was. I'm such a geek! lol Ok, anyways, on to the eats!

I've been having major PMS symptoms this week. The evidence is below!

Pizza and brownies. :) The pizza is from Ray's (my local pizza place here in Greenwich Village), and the brownies I made myself and they are the terrific Ghiradelli ones that I've made before (see here).

Yesterday was my lunch at Wild Ginger...

My beloved spring rolls! They are seriously the best in Manhattan. Where did they disappear to last month? I hope they take my suggestions seriously (they should only know the amount of publicity I've given them on here! lol) and not f*** around with them again!! ;)

I got their adorable shumai steamed dumplings too. These are so tasty!

And of course, my beloved pineapple fried rice. :)

Now, on to today's eats!

I tried Van's cinnamon french toast sticks. I had these along with some berries and Trader Joe's maple syrup.

Here is my mini review: While I did like the cinnamon-y taste, I wasn't wild about the texture. And they were a little too "everything free" for my taste. Now, you don't need gluten to make something taste good, but these were a little off to me. Still, the syrup made them better. But doesn't it always? :)

I was running errands in the West Village and decided to stop in the Le Pain Quotidien on Hudson St. I had been to "Le Pain" before, but not in a long while.

I got their vegetarian quiche, which came with a mesculn salad.

The quiche was quite good, but they really didn't give me a lot for the price! I mean nearly $12?! I'm not even a fan of raw veggies, so salad is not my thing. Still, for the money I made myself choke down some of it!

I was still so hungry after eating it that I broke down and got dessert. And guess what? I forgot that I had made brownies a few days ago and ordered... another brownie!!! I had one of those "doh!" moments. But this has really been a brownie sort of week anyway, so it's ok.

As for the brownie, it was good, but I actually like the ones I made better! Their food is pretty good, but they really overcharge... now I remember why I don't go there that often!

One of my favorites, a strawberry fruit bar (Whole Food's 365 brand).

Was an Annie's skillet meal. I know on the box it says "Creamy Tuna Spirals," but it's actually totally vegetarian pasta (even rennet free, which is super important to me these days!). You have the option of adding whatever you want to it. If I weren't so lazy I would've added tofu, but I don't know what I'm doing with it! So instead I just added peas!

Either way, it was good! And for dessert? Yup, you guessed it! Another brownie! I had one of my home made ones. But don't worry, I had an orange earlier in between brownies! lol

And on that note, I'll leave you with some close-ups of my dear little boy! :)

P.S. ~ I also forgot to say, "thank you!" for all the comments on the last post! Keep them coming! I read them all and will respond to any questions. :)


traynharder23 said...

i think i'm having pms symptoms too! somehow cinnamon bread seems sooooo delicious.

yeah. today was all about bad bad bad headches! i don't know why!

Marina said...

^^That's very possible. A lot of women get headaches around the time of their period. I'm one of them. :(

Gabriela said...

YAY for the original spring rolls! I feel like now I have to go back there just to try them :) And I'm with you on LPQ- their food is pretty awesome, but it should cost about half of what it does for the portions they give you!! Hope you have a great weekend love!!

Marina said...

^^Yes, we definitely have to go back! :)

lynn @ the actors diet said...

yeah i have major issues with le pain's so called quiche portions as well!

Tori said...

Don't mess with Marina's spring rolls!! How will I ever see another spring roll and not think of you? Haha :)

<3 Tori

Megan D said...

Yumm those are some good eats! The dumplings look yummy!

Kelsey said...

haha pms always makes for delicious eats! <2 have a great weekend love