Friday, May 21, 2010

Veggie Tacos & More! May 21st

Well the good news is that I've discovered a way to make insanely good veggie tacos! And Katharina from Katharina's Food Adventures is coming to NY this week, so we'll finally get a chance to meet! :) The bad news is that I haven't heard a single thing from Blossom, after sending them a very detailed (and polite!) e-mail about how rudely I was treated at last Sunday's brunch (see the post below). And, it's been a rough week being that it's now been 2 whole years since I lost my cat, Cloudy to stomach cancer (he died May 19, 2008 at only 11 1/2 years old). I'll admit, since adopting Peanut last year, it has been easier. Not that you can ever "replace" your pet, but there is no sense in grieving forever and missing out on loving another animal the same way you did for the one you lost!

Speaking of Peanut, he "helped" me with my Red Mango frozen yogurt the other day. He loves to play with the round, plastic lid that they give you to cover it with!

Oh, and I get the medium original with granola & strawberries! :)

He actually picks it up in his mouth and carts it off! I have to watch him though because I don't want him cutting his mouth on the plastic! lol

Here are more eats from this week (in random order!):

Another terrific find was Amy's vegetable pot pie! I got the original, non-vegan version (it is vegetarian though, as are all of Amy's products).

I really liked this... it reminds me of the pot pies I used to eat as a kid, only this one comes with tofu instead of chicken or turkey (and it's a great way to eat your tofu... so good!).

A slice of Whole Food's strawberry shortcake... yum!

And Whole Food's vegan chocolate chip scone...

Re-heated pineapple fried rice from Wild Ginger (still just as good!).

On to the veggie tacos!! Ok, so I started off by getting Garden of Eatin's yellow corn taco kit. Then I got some of Boca's ground "meat" crumbles (these are unbelievably fantastic by the way!), and some Organic Valley mild shredded cheddar cheese! You just follow the preparation instructions on the taco kit as you would, but substitute the meat for a veggie substitute!

I haven't had tacos in years, mainly because I didn't think I could make a good vegetarian alternative... well think again! These tasted like the real thing and were totally meatless! :) And I split everything in half so I could get 2 dinners out of it... plus it makes wayyy too much for one person!

And for dessert tonight I had a Rice Dream vanilla mudpie!

I had never tried one of these, but it was really good... although nothing compares to Trader Joe's sublime ice cream sandwiches!

How about you guys... any new or interesting veggie finds?


VeggieGirl said...

Peanut is TOO CUTE with the lid, hahaha :-D

Gabriela said...

Peanut is adorable with that cats love the gallon milk caps! They push them around for hours. I've heard such good things about that Rice Dream ice cream sandwich, I need to pick it up next time I'm at WF! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Kelsey said...

i truly cant beleive we dont have a decent froyo shop around town. i actually need to look into it and see if i can find at least somewhere than can serve up something like red mango. i want that so bad!

ive seen those sandwich bars here; they look really good! gonna be good to have in hot weather <3

Kelsey said...

loved ur comment, im totally the same way, i dig in the backs to find the latest expiration date.. sometimes i make such a mess in the process.. lol and then when im done digging around i have 5 people staring at me.. i wanna go "yea? WHAT!" lol haha


i ate a non-veggie pot pie last night and my vegetarian husband was remembering those amy's pies fondly....

Katie said...

I remember liking Amy's Shepherd's Pie... can't remember if I tried the pot pie, too.

Lindsay @ said...

What a cute baby! :) I tried purple potatoes a few weeks ago and they were such a nice change!

_scarlet said...

What was the onion content like on the Amy's pot pie? I do miss me some pot pie but I am pretty onion-averse, I can do with a little but anything heavy on the onion makes me gag. :( haha

Marina said...

^^Not very high, I believe. In fact, I didn't even notice onions in it at all! It was really good and I'm going to be buying it again this week! :)