Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Change of plans... September 16th

Last night we got a phone call from the vet's office saying that Dr. Sane (Peanut's vet) was on vacation, so instead of having another vet do the procedure, we put off Peanut's neutering until next Wednesday, September 23rd. So Peanut has a week's reprieve! lol Instead, today I went down to Soho to chill out and get my Mom a Birthday treat. Literally everyone I know is born in September, all within the same WEEK, so it is a very busy time of year for me! One of my dear friends from Boston that I used to see all the time when we were both modeling in NYC, and my new "boyfriend" (which I put in quotes because I still don't quite know what we are yet! lol) were both born on September 15th. My Mom was born on the 18th. And I have two Birthday dinners to go to the next two nights (on Thursday and Friday)!

I was too lazy this morning to have breakfast, so around 1 o'clock I was STARVING. I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Soho, Cafe Bari (on Broadway & Spring). They have the most amazing vodka penne there, and all their food is really delicious. They even tempt you by putting popular dishes outside their restaurant on a table, so people passing by will see it and come in! (You can see it in the picture below.)

I decided to splurge on an appetizer today, because I've been craving mozzarella sticks for a long time and haven't had them in so long. I was really pleased with theirs. Although I didn't finish them all because I was saving room for my entree that I have had before, and I already knew was amazing!

I got the vodka penne with mozzarella (yes, more mozzarella... I'm Italian, leave me alone! lol). Couldn't finish all of this either, but I enjoyed what I did eat of it!

I got an adorable Birthday cupcake for my Mom at the Bowery Whole Foods Market. I have to hide this in the refrigerator until Friday! ;)

Peanut on the other hand has been a busy boy... He's discovered how to climb up high (this is an instinct of ALL cats). Here are some pictures I took of him on top of Mom's sewing box in her room.

Sadly Peanut came crashing down one night with the sewing box... he wasn't hurt, but now Mom had to put the sewing box in the closet. So that's the end of that!

Oh, and thanks for all the kind words about Peanut in my last post! I really do appreciate them and read each and every one. I especially like when blog reader's come forward and post comments for the first time! I always get a kick out of that. ;)


insideiamdancing said...

September seems to be a busy month for birthdays and weddings! Heh, wonder if there is a connection... I LOVE mozzarella! That's so cool (and weird) that they put food outside. Cupcake looks amaaaazing.

happy birthday to your mom!

joyofood said...

Great restaurant food and peanut looks so cute peering from the top of the box.


Jenny said...

what is with all the September birthdays? December must've been the hot month to conceive ;)

greenbird321 said...

aww, Peanut is precious, and your blog is pretty great :)

VeggieGirl said...

Cute cupcake for Mom and precious Peanut :-D

Healthy Beach Bum said...

mmm that cheesy mozzarella goodness looks great! hope you're doing well chica :)

ohonemorething said...

Next time I'm in New York we should meet up and we can hit up one of those delicious restaurants you post about on here :D

Cats are crazy climbers!

Neela Marijana said...

vodka penne? wow sounds like heaven to me :)
peanut is a star! i lvoe this cat, hope he'll do well at the vet when he goes!
much love

littlemissminny said...

My cat liked silly places to. Once, I let him stay for the night in my bedroom. And above my bed, there is a big shelve. And on it, there are a lot of books. Yep, during the night, she managed to drop a book on my chest. I was terrified :D

Marina said...

Neela ~ Yes, Peanut is a regular celebrity! lol He's definitely the star of my blog. ;0)