Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Peanut's Big Day ~ September 23rd

We dropped Peanut off at the Greenwich Village Animal Hospital for his neutering around 9 this morning. We didn't think that his procedure would be until this afternoon, but it turns out that he was the first of many surgeries today. So before 10:30 Dr. Sane called to tell me that Peanut was out of surgery and waking up. I was shocked that he did it so quickly! It went very well and he didn't even need stitches! We couldn't pick him up until 5 though, even though his blood work and everything else was good... I guess they just need to monitor them for a few hours after they are fixed. Peanut's a whole 7 pounds now too! Dr. Sane and I were talking about how we could hardly believe that the world's tiniest kitten is growing up so fast! lol

When we picked Peanut up, he was very groggy. As soon as we let him out of the carrier he started wobbling around. But he did eat and drink a bit. He was rubbing his head on everything to mark his territory when he got home. The vet said that he would be groggy and dopey, but that tomorrow he should be back to normal. Here are a few pics that I got of Peanut in his groggy state!

My poor little boy! But it's over now, and he's fine. I am very glad that he has a vet that could do this procedure with his eyes closed! Thanks for all the well wishes, and as always, I'll keep you updated on Peanut's recovery. xo


VeggieGirl said...

The folks and I are praying hard for him xo

Anonymous said...

Peanut deserves the very best after what he's been though and you are the best Mummy ever for him.

Neela Marijana said...

aww i know how you feel. it feel so awesful to see your cat go through something like this right? but i am sure he'll be back to his old strength very soon.
once he gets his appetite back you know he's back! :)
loads of care for my little peanut

Jenny said...

aw I'm glad the whole ordeal is over with now.. my thoughts and prayers are with Peanut and his recovery <3

Anonymous said...

I hope he recovers fast. I'm happy to see how much love he gets from you and your family. Kisses to peanut!

Anonymous said...

Aw well I'm sure he'll be getting all the TLC + more that he needs :) This little nugget is loved by many!!