Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Daily Eats & Peanut ~ September 8th

I went to one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants today, and it's actually in the Meatpacking District of all places! lol This restaurant used to be called "Highline" and truthfully it was much better then. Now it's called "Sea Thai Bistro" and it's at the same address as the other place was on Washington St. It's still good, and you still get your complementary appetizer, but you no longer get the complementary dessert.... and they no longer have this delicious egg noodle dish that I liked. But anyways, it's still pretty good and one of the best deals in the city for an upscale restaurant in the Meatpacking District!

I started off with their crispy spring rolls... these are really good, and the sauce that they give you with it is amazing!

For my entree I had their pad thai noodles with tofu. This was good, but definitely not as good as the noodle dish I use to get here. I ate and ate and barely made a dent in it!

I was really full after eating my spring rolls and only a few bites of the pad thai. Since they no longer gave out a complementary dessert (which was usually a small square of cheesecake), I just got the check and decided to have dessert later. Still, only $8 plus tax is a really good value! This is a really nice restaurant (the atmosphere and all) too. Almost all of their dishes they can make vegetarian or vegan by adding tofu instead of chicken, shrimp, etc. So for you NYC veggies, it's definitely worth checking out!

I went to Whole Foods today to get one of my favorite desserts instead. The Union Square Whole Foods Market makes the most amazing chocolate chip cheesecake! So later this afternoon I decided to have a slice.

Peanut has been up to his old tricks... he was doing that cute little move I like to call "the duddy" where he puts his arms over his head. (You can also see him doing this here.) He loves to ham it up in the Scrabble box when Mom and I are playing! :)

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend! I wish I could say I did... the plans that I had with my "boyfriend to be" got cancelled because he had to work last minute. And it's never good when you literally have a guy telling you that you're too good for him, and yet you still chase after him. But oh well, my life is always a drama anyways.

I'd rather hear what's going on in my reader's lives! How has everyone been?


Anonymous said...

Yay! I missed your posts! Sorry your weekend wasn't great...men. Bah.

That place sounds great- I LOVE NY prices, lol. WF cheesecake sounds pretty amazing :)

VeggieGirl said...

Sorry about the cancelled plans :( But I'm wishing you a fabulous week ahead!! For both you and Peanut :)

Healthy Beach Bum said...

those spring rolls look delish! I've just been working, doing school work, and trying to get my life figured out lol. No fun! Hardly anytime for blogging anymore =[ Hope all has been well girly! <3 the Teanut pics

Neela Marijana said...

aww pad thai is amazing! sorry it wasn;t as good as you hoped it to be at this restaurant. maybe you just need to come to asia and check out on of the authentic thai restaurants here? sounds like a plan?

Anonymous said...

I've done my first run, and went on my first yoga class! I'm resting today, my whole body is in paiiiiin :D

Anonymous said...

Canceled plans suck... sorry about that!!

<3 <3

Anonymous said...

Peanut looks so cute.