Monday, October 26, 2009

Daily Eats Downtown ~ October 26th

It was a beautiful fall day here in NYC, and I decided to go downtown to my favorite part of Manhattan, Soho! This time last year I was in Soho nearly every day when I was going to school at the Make Up Designory (which is in the heart of Soho on West Broadway). I can't believe that a year has gone by so quickly! I know Soho like the back of my hand from all the time that I spent down there last year, and would like to share with you some of my favorite spots... Here are my daily eats so far...

I had a few bites of a Rudi's organic cinnamon raisin bagel spread with peanut butter. I had some of my usual apple juice with it.

By the time I got into Soho I was starving... that's mainly because I only took the subway one stop down from me, and walked the rest of the way! I went to one of the city's best pizza places that I've featured on this blog once before, and that's Famous Ben's Pizza (on Thompson St. at Spring). They have the most fabulous pizza!

I went to one of, if not my favorite little hideaway in all of Soho, and that is City Girl Cafe (on Thompson St.). For those of you who are a fan of Rachel Zoe, I know she goes there whenever she's in town. They make the most delicious goodies there and everything is quite inexpensive by NYC's standards.

I got one of my old favorites, their hand made granola bars. I used to get these all the time since my school was basically around the corner from this place! I also got one of their amazing blondies! I decided to have a bit of the blondie this afternoon, and save my granola bar for later or tomorrow.

Okay folks, this is about as good as I get when it comes to cooking, so please bare with me! lol I made my own egg "mcmuffin" for dinner, using a sandwich size english muffin, egg whites, and american cheese. I made some organic french fries to go with it (with some ketchup for dipping, of course!).

And earlier Peanut and I were having some playtime... (in my PJ's in the first pic... lol)

And in case you're wondering what's on my bedroom walls, YES, they are pictures of baby Peanut! :)

Be sure to check back tomorrow, because I'm going to another blog lunch!


VeggieGirl said...

You know I love blondies!! And Peanut ;)

Neela Marijana said...

cant wait to hear about the blog lunch! and i that granola bar looks really really good.
hope you had a good start to the week.

Naomi said...

I found you!! thanks for visiting me, love your blog, and I am a rachel zoe fan! that place looks so cuteee

great idea with the eggmcmuffin for dinner!!

Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write said...

I love the name "City Girl Cafe". It reallllly made me want to visit the east. Nothing here looks quite like that, that's for sure.

P.S. The Trader Joe's Pizza was incredible. I'm a crust person and this crust was AWESOME. Highly recommend.