Thursday, October 8, 2009

Uptown Girl ~ October 8th

When my boyfriend said to me the other day, "so what color is your hair?" I knew that something had to be done! lol So I made a salon appointment promptly! I headed uptown to the salon this afternoon, and ran some errands up there as well....

First things first I wanted some lunch... just a simple slice of pizza... so I stopped in an Italian place called Angleo's Pizza. Turns out though, it was a sit-down restaurant and the only pizza I could get was if I ordered a whole pie! Since I was starving I ended up ordering a pasta dish instead... just penne with tomato sauce, spinach, and mozzarella. It was REALLY good.

I decided to splurge on something at Bergdorf Goodman today... As a makeup artist, I can tell you that when it comes to makeup, there is almost nothing better than La Mer. So I've been dying to try their new concealer... The cost is shocking, but their stuff is worth every penny.

After my hair appointment I was really craving some chocolate. I was by Henri Bendel's anyway, so I figured, why not go to one of my favorite places, their chocolate bar?! As you'll recall I went there a couple of months ago and got my favorite... a chocolate covered peanut butter crispie treat! (You can see my post here.) So you can imagine my shock and horror when I discovered that the they've CLOSED the chocolate bar!! :(

To fill the void, I went up the block to FAO Schwarz and got one of my favorite chocolate bars there... the wonka bar!! They are really hard to find, and I was so pleased that I found them, I got 2! I took a picture of it in the cab ride home.

Milk chocolate with graham cracker pieces... yum!

I took some pics of Peanut when I got home, but unfortunately I forgot to take pics of my hair! It came out great, but Peanut is still cuter! :)

Tomorrow I'm attending another blog dinner, so please remember to check back!


Neela Marijana said...

aww so much great news!! i wanne see a photo of the new hair my lady! ASAP!
i cant wait for the blogger meet up recap. be sure to snap loads of photos please :)
your pasta looks so good. how amazing does it feel to just listen to yourself deep down inside everyday any say. hmm what do i wanne eat today? instead of having all this crap all planend out weeks before. aww freedom! best gift anyone can give themselves!
have a great day hun

Anonymous said...

peanut is really cute, but I bet you look cute as well :) specially with the new hair :) enjoy your dinner!

Anonymous said...

Peanut does love posing for the camera doesn't he :) I'd love to see pics of your hair too.


VeggieGirl said...

Can't WAIT to see the new 'do!! :)

Jenny said...

ahh you must show us a pic of the new hurrrr .. and of the boy :) I want to see this dude!

Anonymous said...

Show us your new hairr next time :) And I hope you don't forget to take pictures at dinner!! Peanut is so precious. He seems like such a wonderful nugget to have around :D

p.s. the downtown area from the pictures in the post you asked about is where the area in Virginia where I go to school :) There are some parts that are just incredibly charming.