Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blog Lunch Do-Over! October 27th

Today I met Melissa (from Missy Maintains) for lunch. We had met for the first time earlier this month at the Quantum Leap blog dinner. We decided to go to the Sea Thai Bistro, because it's close to where she works, and I had to miss last week's blog lunch there. It was kind of crappy out today, but it was nice to get to meet again for lunch! We talked about food (and took pictures of course! lol), work, and of course, our boyfriends. ;) Here are my daily eats!

I basically didn't get around to eating breakfast until I was nearly out the door to go to lunch! lol I had the other half of my granola bar that I got yesterday from City Girl Cafe (I had the first half last night). It's been so long since I've gotten this granola bar that I had forgotten why I loved it so much! It has such a delicious peanut butter flavor to it... yum!

At Sea Thai Bistro I got one of my favorite foods (and if you follow my blog, you see I eat these quite often!), spring rolls, of course! And the best part is, at Sea Thai your appetizer is free and they give you quite a few to choose from! I always get the spring rolls though because they are delicious and vegetarian!

For my main course I decided to try something different from last time, and I'm glad I did! I got the broad rice noodles with eggs, broccoli, tofu, and black soy sauce. This was really good and super filling!

I stopped at the West Side Market on my way home, and got this new chocolate bar to try. I bought it because it reminded me of my favorite, the wonka bar! Because this chocolate bar also had graham cracker pieces in it. I had half this afternoon... it's not quite as amazing as the wonka bar, but it's up there! It's supposedly "healthier" too, made with all organic ingredients.

I just had an Amy's Breakfast Scramble Wrap along with an orange (considering I was still a little full from lunch).

When I got home there were plenty of Peanut shenanigans! lol

On Mom's umbrella!

In the Whole Foods bag!

And finally, helping Mom make apple crisp! (Which smells amazing, btw!)

Tomorrow I'm heading over to the Union Square farmer's market to get my pumpkin for Halloween. I can hardly believe it's already that time of year again! I go there every year to get my pumpkin... this year, I'll be making a Peanut pumpkin! And this is about as wild as it gets now that I'm too old for trick or treating! :(

So what are you all doing for Halloween?


Anonymous said...

peanut is so cute she almost puts me to tears :)
yay for bloggie meet up!

Anonymous said...

You have the most adorable cat. ^_^

I have that same birdy plate from anthropologie and I had a wrap today too!! We are twins. =)

VeggieGirl said...

You know I love the Union Square market! Enjoy :)

Halloween plans = watch horror films and celebrate both my brother's birthday AND sister-in-law's birthday.

Neela Marijana said...

i wanne meet YOU for a blogger lunch! my dear. the food looks amazing!
i dont have any plans for halloween since we dont celebrate it as germans. we celebrate something similar around march called fasnacht.
maybe in march i can entertain you to some dressing up then
have a great day love

Anonymous said...

That bar sounds really good :) With the graham crackers yummm. Glad you could make it to this blogger meetup! You are so lucky to be having so many - but NYC is the center of the world so ;) It's like a job for you lol. I want to get a pumpkin too. And a pumpkin peanut would be so freaking cute. I am hoping to go to a pumpkin patch and a haunted hayride (suppose to be REALLY scary).. and I think I'm going to dress up as Prince John from the cartoon Robin Hood lol.

Anonymous said...

wow. i want that granola bar! thanks for the tips. i figured i might burn out one of these days. and sometimes my life is pretty boring. work, workout, study, eat, sleep.

i'm actually going to run a 10k in the morning, work in the afternoon, and possibly hit up a party at night. i'm a bit nervous because i don't htink i'll know anyone there, and i don't feel like dressing up...but we'll see right?


i have no plans for halloween - i'm trying to figure out how to keep my dog from freaking out all day whenever the doorbell rings.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I are having a Halloween party at his place.


Missy said...

Great seeing you yesterday! We will have to do it again soon! I want to go to the restaurant you told me about!!

Anonymous said...

There's a Sea in Brooklyn, too! Glad you got to meet up with Melissa and have a yummy lunch.

Still no concrete plans... but Ari and I are dressing up as zombie doctors. I think.

Shannon, Tropical Eats said...

Glad you both had a nice bloggy meet up!!!! :)I'm going to a costume party tomorrow night and then on Halloween I'll be celebrating in a huge outdoor bar after the FL/GA football game. It's going to be crazy!!!

Have so much fun this Halloween girly. Picking out pumpkins is sooo much fun. I can't wait to watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown :)

Love Peanut pics! Apple Crisp sounds so amazing right now

Bliss Doubt said...

I'm going to a friend's party. In the past year I've managed to accumulate some leopard print shorts, leopard tights, leopard pumps, and now, a leopard mask. I guess I'll use a plain black sweater for a top. Rawr!

I can't wait to see the Peanut pumpkin. Don't forget to post pics!