Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wild Weekend ~ October 4th

Just a quick update today... I hope everyone has enjoyed the first weekend of October (can you believe it's October already?!)! I spent nearly the whole day with the boyfriend yesterday. We hung out in Brooklyn (where he lives) and had wild times... Lord of the Rings DVDs and pizza... lol. Today I made a trip to the Whole Foods Market (where else?!), and stocked up on some of the essentials. I also took some cute pictures of Peanut in the bath tub. You can see how little he looks still when he's in something big! lol

In this picture you can see the shower cap that Peanut knocked down next to him... he's full of beans!

So what did you guys do this weekend?


Jenny said...

sounds like a great weekend! I didn't know you had a boyfriend! spill, girl!

VeggieGirl said...

So glad you had a nice weekend!!

Haha love those shots of Peanut :-D

ohonemorething said...

Aww full of beans!!

Oh lala boyfrrriend - so it's official now ;) I want a cuddle buddy too hehe. I'm glad you had a nice weekend!

This weekend I met up with some of my favorite girlfriends for cocktails, rode my fixed bike around with Matilda and my friend, did some leisurely reading, went to see my old neighborhood and walked around for a bit, ran some errands and did house duties - but for the most part I was able to relax. Just what a weekend should be :)

Neela Marijana said...

whole foods trip, lord of the rings video and a cute kittie like peanut?? can this weekend of yours have been any better? i dont think so.
sending you and and peanut all my love

insideiamdancing said...

I flew to NYC this weekend ;) Are you definitely coming on Friday? can't wait to meet you! (FYI- lara bars are 99 cents in fairway right now!)

joyofood said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend with your Boyfriend, I spent Sunday with my Boyfriend too.


Bliss Doubt said...

That Peanut! He's still a lil babykins. I'm glad he came through his operation like such a brave boy.

tropicaleats said...

That sounds like my kinda weekend! Movies and food hahah. Love ya girly! Have a great week :) Peanut looks super cute as usual!