Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another year in NYC! January 21st

Well, today Mom and I signed up for another year at our apartment (God help us!). Now if only we knew what to do with all these boxes we got! lol Then we had dinner at the Olive Garden since it was close by to the office we had to go to... We were up by Times Square tonight, and there was a big brouhaha over something with the Jet's, so it was a fun cab ride home! :/

Anyways, yesterday I went over to the Chelsea Whole Foods and had a brunch at Cafeteria, a popular restaurant in Chelsea on West 17th St. I got the waffles and tiniest glass of orange juice I'd ever seen! The waffles came with berries and had a dollop of cinnamon creme on top (which was a nice touch because I LOVE cinnamon!).

I also picked up this beauty at the Chelsea Whole Foods... jelly roll cake! Yum!

Tonight's dinner at the Olive Garden (the huge one in Times Square)...

Minestrone soup & breadsticks.

And my favorite, five cheese ziti al forno!

Later on a split a piece of their white chocolate raspberry cheesecake in half... I had one half tonight and will have the other tomorrow. It's so rich I can never finish a whole piece at once!

And on to my puffy little Peanut! I got some more photos of his playtime in the bathroom. :)

That's all for today my lovelies! I need to get some sleep!


Anonymous said...

love the pictures.

and the breadsticks at olive garden are BOMB. i used ot get unlimited salad and bread. haah.

Ruby Converse and Curls said...

That waffle looks so yummy... And Peanut is quite the photogenic little model!


Ada said...

Yum, that waffle looks amazing! Congrats on finalizing your decision to remain in your apartment.

Anonymous said...

So glad you got things figured out! I haven't heard the word brouhaha in forever!! :D Olive Garden!! My neighbor works there and I'm tempted to ask her to bring me back some breadsticks lol. THAT WAFFLE!!! Sounds so delicious with that cinnamon creme. I may be going to NY in March so I will let you knowas soon as I know what the plan is because I really would love to meet-up!!!


Shannon, Tropical Eats said...

mmm cinnamon creme on your waffle sounds like a yummy treat in itself! yum yum :) Glad you're staying in your apartment! i may be coming up to nyc over the summer to visit my sister and we're definitely going to have to meet up chica!

Marina said...

^^I'd love to do meet-ups with both of you!! :)