Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Major News! January 19th

Now this may come as a shock, but after everything we've been through over the past several weeks, we've actually decided NOT to move! We simply couldn't find anything bigger or better for the money (and that's after looking at dozens of apartments!). Yes, the insulation between the floors is crappy. But this is a really nice apartment in other ways. The kitchen is beautiful, we have big bedrooms, there is enough space for all our stuff, and Peanut loves the bathroom! lol Plus we live in Greenwich Village, where it's nearly impossible to find such a nice apartment... it's also just a short walk into Soho. Plus it's in walking distance to my Mom's job. So all in all, we're going to put up with hearing our neighbors... for at least another year. It's funny how until you almost lose something, you never realized how good you had it! Now, on to some of my eats over the past week!

I tried these new easy omelettes... the broccoli & cheddar kind. I had it on a challah roll with american cheese. I thought it they were pretty good for a quick egg white omelette, but I think I still prefer the liquid egg whites.

This weekend I had brunch at Quantum Leap again. I absolutely LOVE this breakfast... french toast, scrambled eggs, and soy links (along with OJ, of course!).

I made these cute mini pizzas from Whole Foods this weekend for me and Mom.

For breakfast this morning I had one of these VERY yummy Fiber One apple cinnamon bun muffins (spread with peanut butter). If I'm lucky I find these at the grocery store near me once a month!

For lunch this afternoon I ordered take-out from Sea Thai Bistro. I love how you get to pick a FREE appetizer! I always get the spring rolls. They were still good, but I was a little disappointed, because they are supposed to have a crispy coating from what I remember from the last time I ate here. These were sort of generic looking, but were good all the same. (Oh and sorry for the blinding light in the picture... my Mom put in these new bulbs that are SO bright! lol)

For my entree I got the broad rice noodles with broccoli, egg, and black soy sauce.

I know that some of you were requesting more Peanut pictures... so here are some pics I took of him this week!

Playing in the boxes...

In the laundry...

On top of a box in Mom's room.

Now that we seem to have this mess straightened out of where we're living, I'll hopefully have more time to do more blogging. So please check back soon! :)


Katie said...

I bet you feel SO much better having finally made a choice, one way or the other. Enjoy the lack of stress!

blueeyedheart said...

I'm glad your "moving drama" has been resolved! :)

<3 <3

Bliss Doubt said...

I'm so glad you get to stay! Having lived in a lot of problematic apartments, I can give you some tips about the noise, and how to make it warmer in winter. If you don't have carpeting, put down big, thick rugs. If you do have carpeting, put rugs over it. Identify where the neighbor noise is coming in the loudest, and put your tallest furniture there. Make your quilts into wall hangings. It all goes toward muffling the noise and keeping the warmth or a/c in where it belongs, and it really works.

Ruby Converse and Curls said...

.... At least you won't have to pack up all your belongings! Maybe you can just redecorate the whole apartment and pretend that you moved. ;) I'm glad that you are feeling less stressed out and enjoying such tasty eats.


Diana said...

Same thing happened to me! I was all set thinking I'd move last September but then realized how good I had it right where I am. I am hanging to this place until my man steals me away!

crazylittlethingneela said...

i'm glad to hear you figured something out with your apartment. the best is always at the end of such a hazzle you have a solution and to just stick with it and be done with all the stress of finding a new home

Diana said...

Thank you so much for the Dr. recommendation! My current eye doc has referred me to another laser surgeon but I will take your suggestion if I get bad vibes from him :)