Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brunch & Bitter Cold (January 3rd)

Today I decided to venture up to the Upper West Side (and in this cold, it is quite a trek from downtown Manhattan). I wanted to go to Fairway Market (since I haven't been in ages), plus I was in the mood for french toast and wanted to try a new place for brunch. Now I have lived in NY all my life (except for 5 brief months when I lived in California when I was modeling), and I literally can't remember a winter that has been THIS cold. It is absolutely bitter cold... below freezing, day after day! When I got off the subway, there was wind and snow to contend with as well! I literally couldn't even find my way to the restaurant! But eventually I got there... I had brunch at Josephina (at Broadway & West 63rd St.). It stems from the same restaurant branch that owns Josie's East (where I used to go all the time back when I lived on the east side), and Josie's West (I've been there once before, see here). By the time I finally found the restaurant, I was starving!

Luckily they brought me food right away! I loved the bread basket... there were cute mini muffins and they gave me delicious jam to spread on them too!

I got their brioche french toast and orange juice (not pictured). This is the best french toast I think I've ever gotten at a restaurant... and they were really generous with all the fruit they gave me too (as you can see).

I was full until dinner after the brunch I had... Josephina is a really lovely restaurant... the atmosphere, the service, and the french toast is out of this world!!

For dinner Mom made a vegetarian quiche. She substituted meat for mushrooms.

I had 2 pieces, along with an orange (not pictured).

For my snack tonight I tried one of the new Luna protein bars. I had never even seen these before until I saw them on Ada's blog. She told me she got them at Fairway, and lo and behold, that's where they've been hiding! (Because I've never seen these ANYWHERE before.) I tried the cookie dough flavor, because I usually love anything cookie dough. It was good, and I'll definitely buy it again, but it could've been a little better. These reminded me a bit of the cookie dough Slim-Fast bars. Still, I think I like them better than the regular Luna bars... I have a peanut butter one to try too!

I also had a Wallaby "down under" peach yogurt. Peanut is a fan of yogurt, especially anything peach. Speaking of which...

Peanut has been taking this cold weather like a trooper! And you have no other choice in my apartment, being that it's over the garage so it's ALWAYS cold. God help the poor souls who take over this place when we leave at the end of the month!!

This week I'll be apartment hunting, so I'll update when I can to let you all know how it goes! The sad part is that it's not supposed to get above freezing all week. :( Can anyone send me some plane tickets to Hawaii?! I hear it's great this time of year and I may even get to meet the president too! lol


blueeyedheart said...

I've seen those Luna bars at Whole Foods... then again, I do have a tendency to find things I can't eat. :p

Looks like I booked my vacation right... I might die before I get there, though! This cold is CRAZY.

<3 <3

Marina said...

^^You are SO lucky to be going on vacation... perfect timing!! You're going somewhere warm I hope?!

Missy said...

Yum that french toast looks great! I'll have to go there. Oh and I'm coming to Hawaii too.

daisychain said...

I can't remember it being this cold here, either. Gotta love winter *rolls eyes*

I think lots of snuggling up with Peanut is in order!

Bliss Doubt said...

Mmmmm! Food food food. I've been catching up on your blog, and it looks like your mom is some great cook! Those artichokes look ready for the cover of a fancy food and wine magazine, and gawd, that glorious rum cake! The shrimp marinara looks delicious too, and the mushroom quiche. I think you could make good money if you got mom's permission to publish and sell an e-cookbook of her elegant recipes. It seems like a privilege to see the photos of her creations.

Happy new year Marina.

imaginenamaste said...

That french toast looks so good! I wish I lived somewhere with pretty, yummy food :) I've seen those bars in Target, too! They have lots of flavors! At least here, they do!

Marina said...

Bliss Doubt ~ I was wondering where you were! lol Thanks... my Mom will love the compliments! A lot of the recipe's are from my Grandma I believe, or from different cooking shows my Mom has seen. She's really into cooking/baking.

Katie said...

I LOVE Josephina! That restaurant group (with Josie's & Citrus) is fabulous.

Let me know if you scrounge up Hawaii tickets... I'll steal away in your suitcase!

blueeyedheart said...

Of course somewhere warm -- I may be crazy, but I'm not THAT crazy! ;)

<3 <3

Marina said...

^^I wish I was going with you! I am SO sick of freezing my ass off in this God damn apartment!!! >:(

ada said...

Yum, that french toast looks out of this world! Glad you were able to find the ever-elusive Luna bars:)


best of luck finding a place (and staying warm)

Shannon, Tropical Eats said...

cold weather is the worst! i can't even imagine how freeeezing it is up there :( Stay warm girly!!!!!! <3

Tina said...

Your mom is so sweet to make you a vegetarian quiche and it looks good :D
Maybe I'm lame or something, but I always get all warm and fuzzy when my mom makes me something vegan, you know? Just specially for me. I love it when people are thoughtful to cater to your diet (ok, now I'm officially getting too excited over this subject)

In Holland, we also just got the bad (weather) news that it's going to get even colder! Negative temperature for the next few days and more ice and snow, yay! (not)

I'm joining you on your trip to hawaii!