Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Showers... April 1st

We've been having a LOT of showers here in NY, although it was nice today. I wouldn't know it though because I've been inside feeling sorry for myself. I feel like the weather has been a good representation of what has been going on in my life... I've been having health problems plus hideous drama with my "ex" boyfriend or what have you. So sorry, but blogging has taken a back seat! Monday I didn't feel well enough to eat, Tuesday I threw up most of what I ate, yesterday was a good day and I ate, but today... nada! However, I do have a *few* eats to post from the past week, so bare with me!

I made these last weekend(?)... the delicious cinnamon rolls that I get at Whole Foods.

I tried some colorful couscous that I got at the Westside Market. It was okay.

Mom made linguini and clam sauce one night... I got some Italian bread to go with it.

I found these mozzarella sticks at a grocery store in the village... they came with marinara dipping sauce too! They were pretty good and reminded me of the restaurant kind.

And of course, one of the only good meals I ever eat is at Wild Ginger. Speaking of which, I'm really looking forward to our blogger meet-up on April 11th! So it's the Sunday after Easter-- don't forget!! But I went there yesterday too... I'm addicted!!

I had my usual spring rolls (these are the best and as you all know by now, I get spring rolls nearly everywhere I go! lol).

I had my steamed veggie dumplings.

And of course, their amazing pineapple fried rice!

I got this vegan smores dessert to try at Whole Foods yesterday, because I usually LOVE anything smores (with vegan marshmallows, that is). However, I really wasn't wild about it. The chocolate was just too bitter for my liking.

I don't have too many good pictures of Peanut, being that the lighting isn't the best... I took these a couple of nights ago while he was rolling around by the kitchen!

Does anyone have anything to say to cheer me up? Or, what do you DO to cheer yourself up?

P.S. ~ Mom says Galaxy Granola's raspberry granola was good. :) Sorry, no pic!


VeggieGirl said...

Maybe this will cheer you up - my folks and I will see you soon in about... 3 or 4 months?? :)

Sending you positive vibes xoxo

Gabriela said...

I'm so excited the sun has finally decided to come out! This week was horrible with rain :(

Whenever I need to cheer myself up, I like to watch my favorite movie, Titanic. It distracts me from whatever's bothering me! Hope you feel better soon love :)

Tori said...

I agree with Gabriela. Movies are a great distraction for a depressed mood. Something dramatic that you can lose yourself in!

<3 Tori

Katie said...

Movies, a good book, chat with a good friend...

runwritetherapylife said...

Oh man, sorry you're not feeling good Marina! Sending happy/healthy vibes your way. I am excited for the meetup too!

Maybe this gorgeous day will cheer you up! Go walk in the park and take pictures of the flowers; it will instantly make you happy, I promise :)

Healthy. Happy. Well. said...

Feel better soon! thank you for your advice about my detox plan!