Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day! April 22nd

Hey guys! Sorry for taking an unintended break or "leave of absence" from the blog! But life's problems have a way of interfering. I do plan on trying to blog more often though. I sort of miss doing it daily like I used to! Anyways, I figured the best way to celebrate Earth Day was by taking a nice walk and enjoying the nature (yes, we have nature even in the city!). I ran some errands on the Upper West Side earlier before the sudden rain came, so I really got to enjoy the nice weather.

There are LOTS of eats to catch up on... I obviously have too many to post since I took such a long break, so I'll only post the highlights!

Last week I went to one of my used-to-be favorite frozen yogurt places, called "Only 8." I've blogged about it once before. I found this place when I was anorexic and was delighted by the amazingly low calorie counts on their frozen yogurt. I got a vanilla cone the other day...

And you know what? I've come to the conclusion that I like REAL ice cream better! Their frozen yogurt just didn't do it for me anymore. And a part of me is really glad to let that go. Not to say frozen yogurt is bad, but I think a lot of us don't truly admit to ourselves what we really like or what tastes best. Instead, we try to replace the real thing with some half-assed version to make ourselves feel better somehow! I am TOTALLY passed the point of giving a sh*t folks. I'm never opting for the diet version of anything again!!! lol

On Sunday I went for brunch at Quantum Leap... I got my usual favorite, french toast combo with soy sausage links and scrambled eggs.

Now my friend Maggie was the first one to point out that this place has gone downhill. I scoffed at her-- how could this be?! Well, she was right. The service is not good and neither was the french toast. It was soggy and awful! I couldn't believe it!!! Just a few months ago I would have told you that this was one of the best veggie restaurants in NYC!!! I'll go back again one of these days and give them another chance, but after that... I'm done.

But on to some really good, high quality food... the other day I had lunch at Friend of a Farmer. This is a great restaurant on Irving Place (which is a gorgeous little block on the east side-- the restaurant is between 18th & 19th st.). I got a pasta dish with fresh veggies (and they aren't kidding when they say "fresh," as they are known for their amazing produce!). I had gotten this one other time and loved it. It was just as good the second time around! :)

I stopped by Qi Asian Eatery this week and had the usual, spring rolls & pineapple fried rice with tofu.

And today when I was on the Upper West Side I went to Josie's West. I hadn't been since last year and I wanted to go back again.

I got their veggie omelette which was ok...

But the star of this show is their chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream pie! It's so light and delicious. You can actually finish the whole thing and not stuff yourself, unlike so many other rich desserts!

And I didn't tell you the best part... they actually FORGOT to charge me for it!!! Can you believe that? I've never had a restaurant forget to charge me for something! So I left a big tip (enough to cover what I ordered). But it was one of those things that made me smile. :D

Peanut has been up to his old tricks, including...

Stalking me...

Napping in warm laundry...

and sitting pretty (sorry for the blurry pics, but he moves around A LOT!).

Ok, that's all for now! I'll try to update this weekend. I hope everyone had a pleasant Earth Day! :)


Kelsey said...

i jsut wanna squeeze that cat to pieces!!! awwwww what a cute little munchkin.. omg! lol ahh so adorable.. sorry.. i'll calm down

wow yea diet versions can piss me off sometimes. i tried a diet brownie once after i paid 2 dollars more (i only got it cuz it was sugar free) but it tasted liek wood... sorry, i mean WOOD TASTED BETTER! i ended up getting the regular one instead, so what was the point lol. haha

great post love <3

Marina said...

Kelsey ~ Peanut IS a cute little munchkin! :) I always want to kiss & cuddle him. He gets manhandled! lol

Yes, a lot of times we have to learn the hard way about eating "diet" foods. You may as well just eat the real thing... you only live once!

blueeyedheart said...

I always wished I could go to Only 8, but now I'm not so upset anymore that I can't. So thanks for that. ;)

<3 <3

Marina said...

blueeyedheart ~ No problem! Don't get me wrong, they are still good, but I can totally tell the difference now between watered down ice cream and the real stuff! ;)

caronae said...

Napping in warm laundry is the best :) Def. agree with what you said about diet foods; sometimes the real version is soooooo much better. Although I do like frozen yogurt, as you can see from my blog, lol. I'll have to check out that UWS restaurant...that coookie thingy looks phenom!
Happy Friday!

Katie said...

Hard to beat real ice cream :-)

I wasn't too impressed with Quantum Leap when we went, either.

I love Josie's! Never had their brunch, but their tofu and fish is delish (and the desserts!).

Hope things are okay...

lynn @ the actors diet said...

score on free amazing dessert!
i agree - sometimes real ice cream is so much better - but i do love fro yo!

Maggie said...

Such an adorable cat! I agree you really should eat what you like..why waste time on things less appealing?


Gabriela said...

REAL ice cream is so much better, I agree. The only advantage fro-yo has is that it's less rich, so you can eat more without feeling sick...but why not just stick to a serving of the real stuff, and really enjoy it, right?!

Um, I want that pie. So badly. Awesome that you got it for free, I love when restaurants forget to do that! Of course, you never know, the waiter might have comped you cause he thought you were cute :)

Hope you have a great weekend love!!

Marina said...

Gabriela ~ I never thought of that actually! That the waiter might have done that deliberately to be nice! lol said...

i love your real food attitude! ive given up the term "diet" for a longg time now.

and holy crap woman, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream pie sounds insanely awesome.

tangerinesandmarmalade said...

I love how "human-like" Peanut is. I feel like I can imagine what he's thinking in those pictures!

Ah, I love it when restaurants forget to charge. I always leave a big tip too!

Have a happy weekend; I hope the weather is nice in NY!

ohonemorething said...

Oh wow!! That pie sounds to die for.. and free!! What a wonderful surprise. Last time I was in NY my friend's roommate was telling me about Friend of a Farmer. I wanna go!

And amen to "diet" versions of food. I dunno.. they just don't taste as good, you know? One prime example is cream cheese.

XOXO for you and peanut!

Maggie said...

I recently discovered that my favorite dessert in the world is the soft serve ice cream from McDonald's. I don't know the difference in calories between that and froyo and I do not care at all. I did also discover some really yummy creamy froyo down the block from my apartment - but it's chocolate and thick and sweetened and not diet at all. No wonder it's so yummy.

Sucks about Quantum Leap. I want to go back, because the first time I went it was really good, but I'm scared after the second experience!!

I love it when restaurants give you something free or forget to charge you. I always leave a huge tip when they do something like that.

Hope you had a good weekend :D

Peanut is adorable.

Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

I've never thought of adding pineapple to fried rice, and it just sounds so frickin' amazing! I think I said that last time you wrote about it, but I really need to make that sometime soon. :)