Monday, June 29, 2009

Daily Eats ~ June 29th

I can hardly believe it's been 2 whole months since we got Peanut, but it has! We got him on the evening of April 29th. In fact, the picture that's at the top of the blog was of baby Peanut taken that night! He's grown up so fast... although he's still very little!

I had a small breakfast because I'm going to the Upper West Side today and will probably be having lunch out (so stay tuned for that!).

I had a slice of cinnamon swirl bread, topped with peanut butter, garnished with some blueberries. I also had an apple juice box with it.

I had lunch at Josie's West today. They're an organic restaurant, and have several locations in the city. I used to go to Josie's East all the time, since they were just up the block from where I used to live. I had never tried the one on the Upper West Side until today, that is...

I got their Organic Angel Hair Pomodoro. Unlike Candle 79, they gave me a HUGE portion. I only had around half-- or actually, less than half!

I was deliberately saving room for dessert, because I remember from Josie's East that their desserts are AMAZING. And I was not disappointed! I got their delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pie! Holy moly this was good! And the amazing part is, despite it looking big, it was actually a very light dessert! I still didn't finish it, but I ate most of it and didn't feel too full afterwards.

Oh, and before I stopped in Josie's for lunch, I went to the amazing Fairway Market (which is actually just one block over from this restaurant). I have lived in Manhattan for over 2 years and have never been to Fairway! I'm glad I went though... I got some fabulous goodies, mainly lots of chocolate! Rainbow cookies, rare & imported chocolate bars, and I found... Vitabrownies! (which I have been dying to try and haven't been able to find anywhere). I got enough treats to last me all summer, so I'm sure you'll be seeing those goodies coming in my future blog posts!

Peanut sleeping on top of his carrier this afternoon.

I had 3 rainbow cookies that I got from Fairway Market today. These were always my favorite cookies as a kid, and I haven't had them in ages, so when I spotted them today, I had to get them! (I will be sharing them with Mom though!)

Peanut checking out the cookies! He's at that curious stage where he sticks his nose in everything (literally!).

I wasn't in the mood for much... I probably ate too much already today! Anyways, I had an Amy's Tofu Scramble. Incredibly, Peanut seemed to really like it (I swear he's a veggie too-- he's so anti-meat! lol). I only let him have a bit, because cats aren't supposed to have things with onions and other spices in them... I don't know where he gets his taste buds from! lol

Ok, technically this is my THIRD dessert today, but I had to try one of the Vitabrownies that I got! I topped it with a bit of Nutella, and had it with whipped cream and berries. I think out of all the "Vita" products, this is my favorite one yet! :)

Since it was 2 months ago tonight that I got Peanut, I decided to post some more pictures from that night... (excuse my feet in the first pic, but I had just gotten out of the shower and had the baby to take care of! :)


katherine said...

Happy 2-month-iversary with Peanut!!!

Sarah Mila said...

Cinnamon swirl bread with PB, yum! I have been all about juice boxes lately, particularly Fruitables, they aren't too sweet and have a full serving of fruit and veggies :). Have a great day girl!

insideiamdancing said...

happy 2 month anniversary!

say 'hi' to the UWS for me- that's my 'hood! :D

Ashleigh said...

Wow ice cream pie look delicious.

Jenny said...

aw happy 2 month anniversary to you and sweet peanut :)!!

that pie looks out of this world!

VeggieGirl said...

My dad and I are smitten with Peanut in the last photo!! :-D

blueeyedheart said...

Happy... anniversary? Birthday? LoL! That last picture is too, too cute. :)

<3 <3

Char said...

Peanut is a great sidekick! Adorable photos!!

The desserts look delicious, they left me drooling ha!

insideiamdancing said...

lol, I *just* emailed you about Fairway! I lived on the UWS and that is my all-time favourite store...the upstairs section is incredible :) Josie's always looked great! I went in once but it was packed so my friend and I went somewhere else...glad you enjoyed it- the dessert looks amazing!