Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of the Year Eats! December 31st

It's so hard to believe that 2009 is almost over! And more incredibly, that it will be TEN years since the year 2000! (Am I the only one starting to feel REALLY old?!) I am not going to front... I am VERY depressed this New Year's Eve for a variety of reasons. I was going to do a nice "year in review" post, but I'm going to take the easy route and just tell you all to take a look in my blog archive! lol There are SO many cute pictures of Peanut as a baby there. Speaking of which... THIS is THE BEST thing to happen to me in 2009!

Born ~ March 13th 2009
Adopted ~ April 29th 2009

And here are some of my eats from the past few days...

Yesterday at the Westside Market I got this bowtie pasta dish... with mushrooms, peas, and parmesan cheese. It was very good!

Also from the Westside Market, I got a piece of chocolate hazelnut cake... yummy!!

I found these gems at the Whole Foods Market the other day... I was going to save them for New Year's Eve h'orderves, but instead I ended up eating them during the week! These delicious mini quiches come in 3 flavors... spinach, mushroom, and cheese!

This morning I woke up to this...

More snow! It wasn't a big storm by any means, but Peanut really enjoyed watching the flakes come down. :)

For breakfast I finished the last of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies my Grandma made for me! These are actually very good for breakfast because they're mainly just oatmeal with a few pieces of chocolate thrown in! They are my FAVORITE.

And tonight for dinner Mom and I ordered a pizza from Famous Ray's Pizza in Greenwich Village. They have locations all over the city, but this is the closest one to us. Plus I tried their pizza for the first time the other day and it was excellent!

Tonight I'll be staying home and watching the ball drop on television. Personally I think you'd have to be some sort of nut to go to Times Square, but I guess it's just not my thing! I'm praying that 2010 is a better year for me and of course, all of you!!! I'm not going to bother making any resolutions, as nobody actually sticks to them anyway. All I'll say is that I try each and every day, and when I compare my life to a couple of years ago, that in itself is an accomplishment, as I'm far better off than I used to be!

Tomorrow I've got the big blog lunch in Soho at Spring Street Natural, so please check back for that! I hope that I'll be able to stagger to the lunch by noon, as I'm not planning on getting much sleep tonight with our noisy neighbors (and yes, I plan on drowning my sorrows too-- don't judge me! lol).

And one last note... if you've noticed with my last few posts, I've been responding to your questions/comments in the posts, so please check back after you post a comment, because I do read each and every one, and I like to hear what my readers have to say!!

Finally, from Peanut & I...

Happy New Year and God Bless!! :)


Jenny said...

aw little Peanut is such a blessing!

oh goodness I would NEVER go to Times Square for new years.. it's madness!

Hope you have a lovely New Year's Eve, Marina :)

Marina said...

^^Same to you Jenny! :)

blueeyedheart said...

Nope, you're not the only one -- I feel positively ANCIENT!!

Having been to Times Square on New Years Eve, I can definitely say I do not recommend it. I didn't get it before I went, and I DEFINITELY don't get it now. ;p

Happy New Years!

<3 <3

traynharder23 said...



it was terrific meeting you today, marina. best of luck in 2010!

Marina said...

^^Great meeting you too! I'm working on my post about our get together now! :)