Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! December 6th

Today was the first day that it really felt like winter. It was only in the upper 30's and there was that wonderful chill in the air, so it was a great day to go see the tree. I went up to Rockefeller Center early this afternoon and my God was it crowded! The tree looked beautiful, as always. After all, it is America's Christmas tree, so they'd better do a good job with it! Now keep in mind it was sunny, and being that it was daylight, you couldn't really see the lights that well in the picture. But here it is, up close and personal!

I was going to have brunch at Rock Center Cafe, but it was closed for a private party. This really irked me, because every year I attempt to go to this restaurant around the holidays, and every single year my plans are foiled! I suppose the restaurant just doesn't want me there! lol So I decided to go to Brasserie Ruhlmann instead, since it's right across from the tree. Thankfully the service was really quick despite how crowded it was. I got blueberry pancakes. :)

Afterwards I pushed my way through the crowds and ventured into Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks is always beautifully decorated for the holidays, but hey, with what they charge, they can afford all the decorations! lol Here's a tip for any out-of-towners... You want free chocolate? Go to the chocolate shop on the 8th floor and ask for a free sample! They give them out everyday and it's a great way to get a truffle without paying $20 for it! Today's sample was a pink champagne truffle. These are terrific btw!

When I got home Peanut was "helping" with the laundry.

I also forgot to post one of my favorite eats during the month of December yesterday! Every year I get a chocolate advent calendar. This year I happened upon this one at a kid's store right across the street from my building! It's from the Vermont Christmas Company.

As you can see, I'm desperately trying to get into the holiday spirit here, despite the massive problems I'm facing now. Between trying to find a place to live, a job, and my boyfriend woes, I'm kind of beside myself. I even bought a gingerbread house kit at Bed Bath & Beyond the other day to further distract myself (so look for that in an upcoming blog post!). Oh, and I have some petit fours coming from the Swiss Colony. Hey, if Christmas sweets don't fill the void, nothing will! lol That's all for now!


VeggieGirl said...

Hang in there, girl - wishing you a wonderful, PEACEFUL holiday season!!

Anonymous said...

Hope things get better for you!!

I think Uggs are hideous, BTW -- but when it comes to staying warm in winter, fashion pretty much flies out the window.

<3 <3

Anonymous said...

I hope things get better for you hun.

I love the Christmas advent calendars, my Gran has sent me one every year for as long as can remember and she still sends me one now. It's like a family tradition and when I have kids my Mum will send them one.


Bliss Doubt said...

Manhattan shopping, ahh, to die for!

I like those Swiss Colony petits fours too. One of my clients sends a Swiss Colony gift box at holiday time, and I give away all the snausages and hard candy and stuff, but I keep the petits fours for me.

This year, what I can't get enough of is gingerbread men. Whole Foods has bakery ones in six packs at a pretty reasonable price, and at the local Mexican bakeries I also get the "pan dulce" variety which is very soft and spicy.

Anonymous said...

Peanut looks so cute in the laundry basket.

Bliss Doubt said...

Marina, I don't really know your situation, but I know you are sweet and kind and patient, and I have a hunch that this boyfriend is a dawg! This economy is going to kill us all, but when you care for somebody you care through thick and thin. If you can't go out, you cook for each other. If you can't afford movie theatres, you share DVD's. If you can't do anything, then you do nothing together. If he uses his problems to black you out, then he will never include you fully in his life.

With that said, I wish for you to find true love, with somebody who is willing to love you back, whether it's with Mister now-you-see-him-now-you-don't, or with a great new guy. You know what they say, right? When the demi-gods go, the gods arrive.

Marina said...

Bliss Doubt ~ Thanks for your input. I can understand why you feel that way. We did go the whole "cheap date" and DVD route, but his problems have gotten much worse than that. He has either lost his apartment or is in the process... I don't know which yet because he is too embarrassed to talk to me about it. So as bad as his behavior looks, I know he's not trying to hurt me. He is just very upset himself.