Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daily Eats & Day Trip ~ July 15th

I got up extra early today so I could have my brekkie (that's what I call it for Peanut :) before going out to the Hamptons. I'll be packing plenty of snacks for the car ride too, because we probably won't be getting back until dinner time or later. I'll be giving a full recap of my day trip later, so please check back!

I had 2 Van's Multigrain Belgian Waffles, topped with maple syrup, dollops of whipped cream, and a few strawberries alongside. I also had one of my apple juice boxes with it.

It was SO nice getting out to the Hamptons today, and this time we had a car to get around, so we were able to explore more (last time we took the train out).

Mid-morning snack:
We got a bit lost on our way out, and there was quite a bit of traffic, so the trip took a little longer than expected. I had a Clif Mojo PB & J Bar late morning to tide me over.

When we finally got to Southampton, we had lunch at Southampton Publick House. This was just down the block from the hotel we stayed at last year, so Mom and I ate there a couple of times and we really liked it. I was glad to get to go back!

I started off by having two seeded breadsticks with a little butter (not pictured), and a mozzarella appetizer. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have the mozzarella sticks that I got last year (because they were incredible!), but this version of it was still pretty good.

For my main course, I had a penne pasta dish... basically it was pasta with veggies in a delicious olive oil sauce (with parmesan cheese on top).

We stopped in Southampton village and walked around a bit... it was really nice to be back there again. Honestly, it didn't even feel like we'd left! I stopped in Southampton Fudge & Taffy Co. to get their fantastic chocolate walnut fudge before I left.

I nearly ate the whole chunk of it (granted it was a smallish chunk) during the long car ride home! It was THAT good.

I didn't get many scenic pics, because we were going kind of fast in the car. But here are the few that I did get...

I took a picture of the water mill (or is it a wind mill?!) while we were driving through the town of Water Mill. lol

This is a picture of A Butler's Manor, the wonderful b&b in Southampton where Mom and I stayed last July.

All in all it was a nice trip. The weather was great. We had a nice lunch. And I've got a scoop for my blog readers-- we've also pretty much decided that we'll be moving out there when our lease is up. So you are the first to know! :) As much as this city gal loves NYC, I am tired of the noise, the crowds, and apartment living (which is what I hate most of all). We got to see Water Mill and Bridgehampton for the first time today too, and while we liked both, we're mostly going to be house hunting in Southampton. But we probably won't start until December. I really can't wait to be honest!

When we got home I just had a quick dinner... an Amy's Spinach Pizza in a Pocket Sandwich with an orange. (Oh, and I must confess... I finished the rest of the fudge after dinner! *hangs head in shame*)

After finishing the fudge, I felt like the only thing I should have later was something healthy. So I just had a Naked Juice.

Since I had no time to take pictures of Peanut today, I figured that I'd share a picture of him at about 1 and a half months old. (Look at those baby blues! What a cute little crumpet he is! :)

(Also, don't forget to keep the FAQ's coming!!)


Healthy Beach Bum said...

can't wait to hear all about your trip :) Sounds like you are gonna have a blast!

I <3 your waffles omgaaaawd they look amazing with whipped cream on them!

blueeyedheart said...

Have a nice trip :)

<3 <3

Jenny said...

safe travels, girl!

Jenny said...

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear about the trip!!!! :)

I have a question- Do you eat according to what you want/hunger, ie intuitevly, or do you aim for certain calories/food groups?

Thanks! Have a fab day!! <3

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

hope your having fun!!

VeggieGirl said...

What a great day!! The Hamptons is such a charming location :-)

Aww, Peanut - he was and still is just too cute!!


i almost bought that spinach pizza today....then decided not to... and now i wish i had!

Christina said...

Have a great time!! and Peanut is soooooooooo cute!!! xo

insideiamdancing said...

looks like a FAB place! I really want to go to The Hamptons...(a la Sex and The City! lol)

where do we send the questions? I have one? Eh, I'll post it here :P What do you do during the day? Are you working right now? I'd also like to know more about your recovery and how things are going for you these you still have treatment?

Marina said...

You can send any and all FAQ's to my e-mail address: