Sunday, July 26, 2009

Daily Eats ~ July 26th

This morning cramps woke me up early (9 a.m. on a Sunday is early IMO... lol). Peanut was happy though, so we were having fun playing. One thing I've been meaning to write for a while now, is that when it comes to food, I really try to listen to my body... this is easier said than done, and for at least a year I really struggled with this. But I think I'm getting better at it. I try to ask myself, what do I really want? Not, what do I think I should eat? Do you try to listen to your "food voice?"

I had a Peach Mangosteen Bliss Naked Juice with a Clif Mojo Dipped PB & J Bar (which reminds me, I have to try to find the new PB & J Larabar!).

Incredibly, Peanut seemed to like the PB & J Clif Bar! He has such unique tastes for a cat, no?!

I made my weekly trip to Murray's, and got a whole wheat bagel. When I came home I topped it with the usual 2 slices of swiss cheese and a bit of mustard. I had a Mott's Peach Medley apple sauce with it.

Peanut trying to clean himself this afternoon... and I say trying, because Mummy was in his face with the camera again! lol Notice his cute little white belly! :)

I made a Blue Horizon Organic frozen dinner tonight... Penne Alla Vodka with shrimp. As you all know by now, I'm crazy about anything "alla vodka," so I had my hopes up for this one (and even overlooked that it had shrimp in it-- which is the only "meat" I'll tolerate at all). It was okay, but I doubt I'd buy it again. (I've had way better Penne Alla Vodka both here and here for instance.) I also had an orange after dinner (in lieu of having a "snack" today... not pictured).

I had a VitaBrownie topped with Nutella, with berries & whipped cream alongside. This is one of my favorite desserts, and so satisfying too!

(I also had a handful of Blue Diamond brown sugar cinnamon almonds later - not pictured.)

I know that many of my blog readers are struggling with recovery and are trying to get their periods back, but since getting mine back in May 2008, I've just wanted to get rid of them. Lately I've been having nearly a week of PMS symptoms, and then when I finally get my period, I have bad cramps and feel sick for at least a day (like today). Oh well. I keep telling myself that I'm much healthier now than I was, and that's always a good thing.

Peanut and I were watching the rain tonight... there are terrible storms passing through New York now. Well, that's summer for you! ;) Anyways, I hope everyone had a good weekend!


Peanut Butter Swirl said...

I am on the hunt for that larabar too!!
but the cliff bar is always a nice option if you ask me :)
God peanut is so cute!

Jenny said...

for me it's near impossible to listen to my food voice because i am on a strict meal plan -- but i'm really proud of you for doing this :)!

Anonymous said...

Ohh I was suppose to go to Murray's for breakfast last time I was in NY. Next time I go (which will be veeeeeeeeerry soon) I'm gonna go!

Healthy Beach Bum said...

Listening to your food voice is the best way to do it girly! I've been doing that recently too and it seems to be working! I feel more satisfied after meals doing it that way.

That bagel sounds yummy! :)


hmmm i wonder if the pb & j cliff bar tastes like a pb& j larabar, which just tastes like a pb&j sandwich. that is an amazing story about the mac store, by the way - i always did like the soho one!!!

VeggieGirl said...

The PBJ Larabar is pretty good!! I bet Peanut would like it ;-)

Hope the storms pass!! I want good weather while I'm there!!

Jenny said...

I think you are doing AMAZING at eating what you want, not anything via a set of rules. So inspiring, truly!! Im sorry about the bad PMS but remind yourself that you are HEALTHY!! :) xoxox

Anonymous said...

The US Whole Foods has the PBJ Larabar. :)

If I listened to my body right now, I'd be in an awful lot of trouble... sigh.

<3 <3

Marina said...

Jenny ~ It actually took me a really long time to get to this point.. even up until several months ago I struggled. I was still bingeing, restricting, just in general eating disordered behavior. But having structured meals has really helped... and posting what I eat seems to help too! Hang in there, it will get better!!

Neela Marijana said...

well done for listening to your body today. this is a great step :)
sorry to hear your having cramps. but dont let the ED tell you need to get 'rid' of them. periods are a natural thing all heathy women need to deal with. have you tried placing something warm on your stomach to sooth the muscle cramping?