Friday, July 3, 2009

Daily Eats ~ July 3rd

I want to start off by sharing a cute picture that I took of Peanut sleeping on my Mom last night!

I have some errands to run, plus Mom and I have to clean (we clean the apartment every other Friday because Mom usually has off)... so those are my thrilling plans for the beginning of this 4th of July weekend!

I warmed up an organic cinnamon raisin roll that I got from Organic Direct yesterday. I had it with one of my pineapple Chobani yogurts and a glass of OJ. The cinnamon roll was SO good, and it's made with a lot of healthy ingredients too... it's also a reasonable size (not the size of your head like other pastries! lol)

This time I decided to be less stingy, and I shared my Chob's with Peanut! :)

I had a Van's Veggie, Egg & Cheese Pocket Sandwich for lunch. I love these!

I've been craving chocolate a lot lately, so it's a good thing I stocked up on lots of goodies at Fairway the other day! I had another one of my purchases from there this afternoon... a Cadbury "Snack" Shortcake bar (which is basically comprised of 6 mini squares of chocolate covered shortcake). Seriously, there is nothing Cadbury makes that I don't like! (I also had a few strawberries later - not pictured.)

There's quite a long story regarding dinner, but the up shot is, I was going to have one of my new Yves "Good Dog" veggie dogs in the Food For Life ezekiel buns that I got yesterday, but when I got them out of the fridge, they had already molded! I called up Organic Direct and they said they would refund me of course, but that didn't change the fact that I didn't have any hot dog buns for dinner! Oh well... So I made 2 of the Yves veggie dogs instead of 1, and I had an Annie's single serve mac & cheese with peas with it. I really like these Yves veggie dogs. They taste more authentic and overall they're just better than the Tofu Pups. So they will be my staple veggie dogs from now on!

Mom got a "buy one, get one free" coupon for ice cream cones at Baskin Robbins, and since we live so close to one, we decided to go over there tonight and get some! I got an oreo flavored one... can't remember the exact name, but it looked good to me! (I accidentally got a shot of the guy behind the counter too lol.)

That's it for today... I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


insideiamdancing said...

YAY Cadbury's! I am loving seeing you rep the British chocolate :) Fairway's has some amazing stuff (did you go upstairs to the organic section? I bought the packaged sandwiches there ALL the time!)

Enjoy, lol. At least the house will be tidy for the weekend!

Marina said...

Yes I did actually! That's where I found my Vitabrownies long at last!

Cadbury has always made incredible chocolate and that's a fact! :)

Healthy Beach Bum said...

ooo that cinnamon roll looks fabulous :) and so does your mac n cheese! have a great night girly <3

Char said...

I love pineapple anything..and I haven't had ice cream in for tooo long!

I hope you and the kitty have a wonderful 4th! :)

bHealthier said...

cadbury chocolate is the best!!! I just got a bag of milk chocolate bites and know that they will be gone super fast!

oh wow that cinnamon roll looks divine!