Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Daily Eats ~ July 7th

Peanut is at that stage where he's running around getting into everything, so it's a bit harder to get pictures of him now! For those of you who don't have cats, kittens usually don't settle down until they're neutered. We probably won't be having him neutered until September (when he's 6 months old), so we just have to suck it up until then I suppose! lol Anyways, here's...

I had my other Organic Cinnamon Raisin Roll that I got delivered from Organic Direct the other day with my last Chobani pineapple yogurt (I'll be getting more of these in the near future!). I also had the rest of my Peach Orange Nantucket Nectars juice from yesterday with it (not pictured - see below).

I had 2 Yves veggie dogs with some ketchup alongside, and an Annie's single serve mac & cheese with some Birds Eye Steamfresh single serve peas mixed in.

I had a Kashi GoLean Chewy Chocolate Almond Toffee Bar. This was the only flavor I hadn't tried yet in this line of Kashi bars and I'm glad I did! It was very good. :)

I had Trader Joe's Garden Vegetable Lasagne for dinner. They make such a good lasagna... even better than Amy's. I also had an orange and a handful of chocolate chips later (not pictured).

Peanut finishing his dinner...

(As you may notice in the picture, I gave Peanut the ceramic ramekin bowls that I got with my Trader Joe's Chocolate Souffles to use for his food and water. They're the perfect size for him! And guess what? As small as they may be, he's still upgrading from the measuring cups we used to use! He was so tiny when we got him, we didn't know what else to use! lol)

Just one Vitatop muffin tonight! These are surprisingly filling, and I found out yesterday that 2 is too many. I topped my last Vitatop with a bit of Nutella, whipped cream, and had some strawberries with it.

Peanut likes to go "shopping" on my vanity... Despite all his toys, he likes to find trinkets and things he shouldn't be having on his own. ;)

"I'm not doing anything wrong, Mummy! I promise!" lol


Jenny said...

I hope Peanut calms down a bit soon! I have little puppies that wont sit still either for cute pics!!

Yummy breakfast!! I didnt know Chobs made pineapple now!! I will look for it!

Have a fab day :)

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

love that chobani SO MUCH :D so much better than their fat free flavors.

VeggieGirl said...

Haha, oh Peanut - that's the same deal with "you know who" over here ;-)

Julie said...

thoss ekashi bars are very filling! .. I have never tried that flavor before!


The Fit Collegiate said...

I've been unable to find Vita Tops at any grocery store in the area, and they look sooo good! And seriously, can I have your cat? So adorable! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the pic of the innocent looking Peanut on your vanity unit, looking like butter wouldn't melt haha