Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daily Eats ~ July 28th

As promised, here are some pics of Peanut and I from last night on our chaise (you can see how little he is still in these pics-- and be warned: I'm not wearing any makeup! lol)...

I had 2 De Wafelbakkers organic blueberry pancakes topped with fresh blueberries, maple syrup, and whipped cream. I had a glass of orange juice with it as well.

I had an Amy's Spinach Pizza in a Pocket Sandwich with a Mott's Peach Medley apple sauce.

Peanut was playing on my bed... notice the glazed look in his eyes! He was focusing on his foil ball that I was holding (I've got to get these cute pictures somehow! ;).

I was still hungry after lunch, so I had my snack early today. I had a vegan chocolate chip cookie that I got from the Whole Foods Market with some skim milk.

Later I had a Clif Mojo Dipped Fruit & Nut Bar.

Peanut was going nuts over this bar! I just let him have a little lick, but he would have tried to eat the whole thing! And this bar is vegan!! (My veggie cat is at it again! lol)

I had the pleasure of spending time with VeggieGirl this afternoon! We met up at her hotel (which happens to be right by where I live!). It was nice to get to know her better... like I said yesterday, we met last month at the blog dinner at Candle 79, and we've been exchanging e-mails for a while now, but we never really got to sit down and talk one on one! We talked about losing our pets last year, blogging, how we think Michael Vick should be taken out and shot, and lots of other things! lol

Best of all, we're going to try to arrange a visit between Peanut and Liz before she leaves. I think Peanut would love her hotel. It's pet friendly and has an amazing menu for pets, including $18 steaks! (Sweet Jesus! lol)

When I got home I had a mushroom burger on a whole wheat bun, with 2 slices of american cheese and ketchup alongside. I also had a Birds Eye Steamfresh veggie medley of broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots in a light cheese sauce to go with it.

Peanut was "helping" Mom cut watermelon after dinner.

I had a coupon from Whole Foods to try the new Ben & Jerry's "Flipped Out!" ice cream. So I got the chocolate chip cookie dough one. I usually love anything with cookies in it, but to be honest, this was really sweet (almost sickeningly sweet), so I'd say it was just okay. The chocolate layer on top wasn't that good because it's almost meant to be melted chocolate, but if you stick this in the microwave it would just defeat the purpose of having ice cream!

Like I've said, on August 1st I plan on posting the FAQ's that I've received... I have around 6 now, so keep them coming! Also, I plan on changing the format of my blog a bit, by posting separate entries throughout the day instead of cramming everything into one post (this was VeggieGirl's idea, and hey, she's the blogging expert!). That's all for today, my lovelies! xo


Jenny said...

you and peanut are the cutest couple ever :)!! these pictures made me smile so much! absolutely precious <3

DaisyChain said...

Seriously you and peanut are gorgeous.

VeggieGirl said...

Loved meeting up with you today!! And I cannot wait to meet Peanut - he's more than worthy of an $18 steak ;-)

Have a great night!!

Neela Marijana said...

so glad to hear you had a lovely daye with veggie girl. i'd totally die to meet up with her but i dont think she will come all the way to singapore to visit :(
peanut and you are the perfect team. this cat always makes me smile when i come to this blog.
i shall think of some questions to send you for your post.
loads of love

Anika said...

yum to all the wonderful food, but especially to Peanuts....what a gorgeous cat. Bless....such a cutie (sorry, I love cats so see me coming back for more Peanuts love...its like a fanclub :)

Anonymous said...

You cat is so cute! I have 2 cats at home myself but somehow I recently developed a realy bad cat allergy and I can no longer even touch them of my face will swell up!

Health and Happiness,