Friday, July 31, 2009

Daily Eats ~ July 31st

Luckily I was able to sleep later than yesterday! When I got up I made one of my favorites-- Nutella french toast! It really tastes like something you'd get for brunch at a fancy restaurant. I also want to remind everyone that I'll be posting whatever FAQ's I get tomorrow. So if you have any questions for me, now's the time to ask! Send them to: or post your FAQ in the comments section. :)

I took 2 slices of Trader Joe's french toast, spread a thin layer of Nutella on one of the slices, made a sandwich out of it, then I cut it in half and topped with a drizzle of maple syrup and berries. I also had an apple juice box with it (not pictured).

Peanut's morning nap...

I've been seeing these on lots of other blogs recently, so I decided to make them again... english muffin pizzas! But mine have a twist... I made english muffin VODKA pizzas!! I took a Rudi's Organic whole wheat english muffin and topped it with Muir Glen's new vodka pasta sauce and some Organic Valley part skim shredded mozzarella. These came out pretty good in the toaster oven, although next time I'll toast the english muffins first to make them crispier! I had some orange slices alongside.

I also had a Trader Joe's 100 calorie milk chocolate bar after lunch...

I had a Clif Mojo Dipped PB & J Bar (personally I think this one is FAR superior to the new PB & J Larabar... but to each their own!).

I had 2 of Trader Joe's Vegetable Egg Rolls with some of Trader Joe's Vegetable Fried Rice (this has been a very Trader Joe's themed day... lol). I just added in some of my own soy sauce to complete the meal.

I had my other Trader Joe's Chocolate Lava Cake (they come in a package of 2, and I had so many other Trader Joe's products today, I thought, why not?!). I tried to show feature the "lava" part in the picture. :) I also had some berries and whipped cream alongside like usual.

I have my FAQ list almost complete... so if you have any other questions for me about my blog, ED questions, Peanut questions, or anything else, feel free to ask away!

I'll leave you tonight with a picture of Peanut "on the prowl." (Notice the flattened ears... lol)


Jenny said...

i never get sick of seeing that french toast :)

joyofood said...

I just got some Nutella today, so I'll be trying that with my Breakfast tomorrow.


Marina said...

Taylor ~ You're going to love it! I got the idea from a popular brunch spot where I used to live. It's one of their most popular dishes, and I figured, why not make it at home for less?

blueeyedheart said...

I wish I could have morning naps too...

<3 <3

Healthy Beach Bum said...

yummy nutella! I swear one of my friend lives off of that stuff.

That e. muffin pizza sounds great :)

Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write said...

That bar looks yummy. I haven't tried that brand, but I love me some larabars.

ohonemorething said...

My roommate made a breakfast pizza on toasts today! lol someone else in the blogworld reminded me of my breakfasts hahaha.

Ooo the Nutella in between the French toast sounds deeeelicious! That reminds me of this time I went to a restaurant and ordered the French toast with a Nutella and the made some orange syrup to go with it along with a creme anglaise. It was.. GAAAH SO GOOD!

I'm gonna go to Trader Joe's soon again I hope and I'm gonna get the veggie lasagna, French toast (if it's not too pricey in comparison to making my own lol), and the chocolate bars. Any other recommendations you had that I'm forgetting?

Take care, Marina!

burpandslurp said...

Oooh nutella...oh my, that breakfast sounds SO good! Reminds me of this GIANT tub of Nutella I found in Chelsea Market!

VeggieGirl said...

Okay, that photo of Peanut with the flattened ears is too funny, haha :-D

Bliss Doubt said...

Marina, I follow about 20 different vegan and vegetarian blogspots, but when I don't have much time, yours is one of the few I never skip, mainly because of that adorable cat, though I do find your array of packaged foods quite interesting and tempting. Anyway, I used to have a cat with that kind of pretty face with big eyes and the tiger stripes (black/brown/white where yours is orange and white). I got him as a stray kitten, and named him Shredder, based on what he did to the furniture, my skin, his toys and whatever he could get his paws on. One day he ran away and never came back. I can't imagine why since I gave him the appropriate worship and spoiled him all day long. Cats do that sometimes.

I bought Nutella for the first time since I came home from my junior year of college in France, owing to your blog!

Marina said...

Bliss Doubt ~ I'm flattered! I'm so glad you like my blog. I'm so sorry Shredder ran away! :(

Believe it or not, but until I started blogging, I never bought Nutella! The first time I tried it was a couple of years ago at a restaurant!