Sunday, July 19, 2009

Daily Eats ~ July 19th

Since Peanut did not like the Blue Buffalo "healthy gourmet" canned food that I got him yesterday (yes, he's finicky!), I'm off to Petco to get him more of his beloved Petite Cuisines. It's weird because he likes Blue Buffalo's kitten chow just fine... but the only kind of wet food he'll eat are Petite Cuisine's fish flavors... red snapper, yellow fin tuna, crab cake, etc. Do any of you have finicky pets?

I had 2 Kashi GoLean blueberry waffles, topped with fresh blueberries and maple syrup. Unfortunately I ran out of whipped cream this morning (as you can see in the picture! lol), so I threw on some chocolate chips instead... but they didn't really go with it as well as they did with the pancakes yesterday. Oh well. These waffles are okay, but Van's are way better. I had the usual glass of orange juice with it.

I had a Yves Jumbo Dog (with ketchup) with Annie's single serve mac & cheese and Birds Eye Steamfresh single serve peas mixed in. (I didn't like these veggie dogs for some reason... next time I'll be getting Yves "The Good Dog." Those were so much better.)

Peanut thrilled to have his red snapper again!
Like the fishy bowl?! :)

I had some of a milk chocolate bar with nuts that I got at Gourmet Garage yesterday. The bar was already separated into 4 pieces, so I just had 3 of the pieces. I'll have the last piece after dinner. There is nothing better than belgian chocolate (except maybe belgian waffles! :).

I had an Amy's single serve cheese pizza (delish!) with a cut up orange. I also had my last piece of chocolate from earlier after dinner. Pizza & chocolate... a good way to end the weekend! ;)

I had a yogurt parfait that I got from the Whole Foods Market in Union Square today. This used to be the only substantial thing I'd eat when I was anorexic... I'd get it once a week. It's really good for you... low fat yogurt, lots of nuts, granola, fruit. I never eat the melon though! (That's one of the only fruits I don't like!)

I was doing my usual shave/shower/tan tonight... It's a b*tch being a girl! lol Speaking of which, I've been PMS'ing all week and I feel like I ate like a pig today. :( After not having my period for so long, it really does drive me crazy having it again (even though it's been a year since I got it back). That has got to be the hardest part of recovery for me-- that, and the obvious-- weight gain. :( So that got me thinking... for those of you who've had an ED, what's been the hardest thing about recovery for you?


Anonymous said...

I love the waffles that you have for breakfast. Peanut is such a cutie pie you must love watching him play.

Hope you'll pop by my blog and say hello.


Jenny said...

your waffles never fail to make me drool!


my hubby prefers the yves veggie dogs too....

Jenny said...

Great eats!!

You are doing wonderful! Focus on the positive!! XOXO

Krista said...

Peanut is too cute and I love his name to bits!