Sunday, July 5, 2009

Daily Eats ~ July 5th

I wasn't that hungry this morning, so I just had a handful of Blue Diamond Cinnamon Brown Sugar almonds, along with some orange juice. (Yes, we even have cat paper towels! Aren't they cute? :)

I got a plain bagel from the famous Murray's Bagels (which happens to be right down the block from us!), and when I got home I topped it with 2 slices of swiss cheese and a bit of mustard. I also had a Mott's Peach Medley apple sauce with it (that Peanut was more than happy to help me eat, as you can see below!).

I had my other mini Fairway chocolate bar that I got the other day... this time I tried their Peanut Chocolate Bar. It tasted a lot like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, but with a crunch too! Yummy!

I made an Egg Beater's Garden Vegetable omelette and had some Birds Eye Steamfresh Asian Medley veggies with it. I seasoned it with a bit of soy & stir-fry sauce too.

I was still quite hungry after dinner, so I had a few bites of this massive black & white cookie that I got from Murray's Bagels today... I mostly just ate the icing and threw the rest away. (For those of you who aren't familiar, black & white cookies are a staple in NYC! And they've always been one of my favorite cookies.)

Technically this is my second dessert, but I didn't eat much of the above cookie, so I had a Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie that I warmed up in the microwave and I topped it with Nutella (I also had some strawberries alongside).

Wow, didn't realize I had so much chocolate today! :(

Anyways, Peanut was being so cute tonight, watching me shower as usual, so I wanted to share some pictures of it! (To be clear, I don't mean pics of me in the shower. lol)

Watching Mummy. He's such a Mumma's boy. :)

Trying to catch the water as it comes down the other side of the door!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Thanks again for the comments, I definitely appreciate them and I read each and every one! :)


Jenny said...

Those sound like YUMMY flavored almonds!!!

have a great SUNDAY! :)

Ashleigh said...

Peanut certainly likes to help you eat your food doesn't he =)

Yummy bagel btw!

Maddy said...

Peanut is so adorable! I hope you had a happy 4th! I added you to my blogroll =)

Jenny said...

i love those almonds! I'm also crazyyy about the vanilla bean ones! :)

The unsaid said...

What a cute just read your profile and i hope you do well recovering.

Julie said...

there is never too much chocolate :-) lol

VeggieGirl said...

The B&W cookie is so quintessential - love it!

Diana said...

Black & White cookie = happiness.

bHealthier said...

oh i love eating just the icing off of cookies too. Its my favorite part and why not eat what you like best !?!

I have never heard of Fairway Chocolates! Are they a local thing or would I find them anywhere?