Monday, July 27, 2009

Daily Eats ~ July 27th

Peanut let me sleep in today... I was rolling over a lot this morning, and before I knew it, it was after 10! Remember, August 1st I'm going to be posting FAQ's, so if you have any questions, please send them to:

I had a favorite... 2 Van's Belgian Waffles topped with real maple syrup, berries, and dollops of whipped cream. I had an Apple & Eve apple juice box alongside.

Another favorite... 2 Yves veggie dogs wrapped in 2 Pillsbury breadsticks with ketchup alongside, and an Annie's single serve mac & cheese with peas mixed in.

I decided to make my Almond Parfait using a plain Oikos Greek Yogurt (thanks again to Kristina at Stonyfield Farm for sending me the coupons!!). (You can see the package she sent me the other day here.) To make this parfait I used one container of Oikos plain yogurt, a drop of vanilla extract, a drizzle of maple syrup, then I stirred that all together and topped it with a few handfuls of sliced raw almonds and chocolate chips.

So my review of Oikos Greek Yogurt is this...
Kristina is right, there isn't an aftertaste, which can be found in other brands. The plain is a little on the sour side, but I think it's meant to be used more in baking than it is to be eaten plain. But the tart flavor works really well for my almond parfait, because you're using maple syrup and chocolate chips to sweeten it. The texture isn't super thick, but it's really silky and lovely. I actually think I prefer this texture better! I also still have the vanilla flavor to try, and I definitely plan on getting more Oikos in the near future!!

Peanut sleeping like a baby (actually, he is a baby! lol) through the afternoon thunderstorms.

I had a strange dinner tonight... more like breakfast really, but it's what I felt like having! I had 2 slices of Food For Life Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel toast, topped with peanut butter, and more yogurt! This time I had some Chobani 2% pineapple yogurt.

Peanut relaxing on the chaise...

and sitting on my computer desk.

I had a Clif Chocolate Chip Bar (warmed up in the microwave) topped with Nutella, with a few strawberries & whipped cream alongside.

I also had a couple of oranges later (not pictured).

VeggieGirl is coming to town (my town... lol), and Liz and I will get to spend some time together tomorrow afternoon. We met briefly at the blog dinner a month ago, so it'll be nice to get to chat one on one. And tomorrow morning I'll be posting some pics that I took of Peanut and I tonight... so stay tuned for that! :)


Jenny said...

yay glad you got to sleep in today! :)

Healthy Beach Bum said...

sleeping in is the best! Your waffles look heavenly =]

Helen said...

Well done Peanut for letting your Mummy sleep in ;-)

joyofood said...

Lovin those waffles.


Bliss Doubt said...

I hate to say it, but I'm a big fan of greek yogurt and it should NOT be sour. I get a brand here called either Fage or Total (both names are on the package) and the plain almost tastes like whipped cream, and has more the texture of real old fashioned heavy whipped cream. I don't buy it too often because I'll eat too much of it!

VeggieGirl said...

Aww Peanut - glad he got to rest and that he let you sleep in as well :-)

See you tomorrow!!

blueeyedheart said...

Breakfast food IS the best kind of food, after all...

<3 <3

Neela Marijana said...

i still love those nutella covered bars of yours. haha so delish!!
peanut is such a cutie. he really like the camera attention he is getting ha? so cute!
have a wonderful day hun
and have loads of fun with liz

ohonemorething said...

hehehe I heat my CLIF bars too :D It brings out the flavors more. Makes them gooey and delicious.