Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daily Eats ~ July 22nd

I'm heading downtown today to go to the Whole Foods Market, and I'm going to a pizza place I've been wanting to try in Soho that has VODKA SAUCE! (So stay tuned for that later!) On a side note, alcohol by itself disgusts me... I hate drinking. But there is something about vodka in tomato sauce or wine used in Italian cooking that makes it taste so good! :)

I don't know if any of you notice, but I never eat cereal for breakfast. You know why that is? Because I associate that with anorexia. Pretty much the only foods I'd eat were cereal and apples. So Kashi GoLean was my main staple in the morning. I tried to eat it this morning, for something different, and you know what? I didn't really like it. I mean, it's OK but nothing I really like eating... I only ate a few bites of it...

So I had a bit of a Cookie's 'n Cream Luna Bar with my glass of OJ instead.

One thing I like about NYC, is that as soon as you step out your door, anything can happen! lol On my way downtown on the subway, we all had to get off a stop ahead of where I needed to. Apparently there was some problem... so I had a LONG walk ahead of me. I was ready for lunch by the time I got to the pizza place I wanted to try! (Especially since I really didn't eat much breakfast... just a few bites of cereal and a few bits of a Luna bar... I didn't feel like breakfast today I guess.)

I had lunch at Pomodoro, the famous "vodka pizza" place on Spring St. in Soho. It lived up to the hype. I got a plain slice and it was DELICIOUS! Plus, one slice is as big as two, so at least you get your money's worth. I felt like having a pick-me-up, so I got a small Pepsi too. Even though I'm not a big soda fan, something about a slice of pizza and a soda makes me feel like a kid again! The only thing I didn't like is that Pomodoro deliberately tried to overcharge me-- until I pointed out to them that $7.71 was ridiculous for ONE slice of pizza and a small soda! Only then did they correct themselves and told me it was $4.20. I swear, I think because everyone is so desperate for money now, they almost deliberately try to charge you more for things, just hoping you won't notice! (I came to this conclusion because this has happened to me several times recently at different places.) Even still, I'd go back here anytime. It was really good!

Then I did my weekly Whole Foods shop... I got my usual favorites, Amy's single serve pizza & country cheddar bowl, one of Whole Food's delicious cinnamon buns (which I will be having for brekkie tomorrow!), frozen peas, fresh berries, yogurt parfait, and more... Plus I went to the top floor of the Bowery Whole Foods to get some vegan iron pills (Mom's been on me about that... she thinks I'm anemic, and she's probably right... I have to face that I'm still recovering from the damage I've done to myself over a year ago).

I had one of Whole Food's delicious chocolate chip cookies with nuts and a bit of skim milk with it.

Peanut in his usual napping place.

I had an Amy's Tofu Scramble for dinner. I also had an orange & a Trader Joe's string cheese later (not pictured). Peanut helped himself to the hash browns! lol I only let him have a little piece, but he grabbed it off my plate before I could do anything about it! It's amazing that I have a cat who loves all things tofu, veggies, etc. We really do share the same tastes! :)

I had a Trader Joe's 100 calorie milk chocolate bar (not pictured) and a yogurt parfait that I got at Whole Foods today. I love the ones I get from the Bowery Whole Foods... they make it with seasonal fruit, but this particular one has grapes, berries, and of course, crunchy granola on top. (I also shared some more Goldfish crackers with Peanut later on... I've been SO hungry these past few days!)

Tomorrow morning I'm going to be posting about a terrific Stonyfield Farm package that I received. So check back tomorrow, my lovelies! And don't forget to send your FAQ's!!


Jenny said...

Ive had the same issues with other foods that I survived on during ED...and now when I eat them I just cant, tasteless! Im glad you listened to what you REALLY wanted :) have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I'm not sure if I ever commented on your blog before :) I'm Katharina. I've got a question. What's your favorite Amy's pizza? I have yet to try it, but I have a hard time choosing lol

Marina said...

Hi Katharina! My favorite Amy's pizza is her single serve plain cheese pizza one... I tried the pesto one with veggies, which was ok, and I tried the vegan "cheeze" pizza with rice crust, and that was so-so. But the plain cheese single serve is the BEST! :) But then again, that's just me... I haven't tried the spinach one, or some of the others... I sort of have a 5 year old's taste buds, so I guess that's why the plain appeals to me! lol

Jenny said...

vokda pizza sounds amazing!!!! you have such wonderful taste in foods girl!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply!!! Ok so I didn't pick up any of the items you recommended BUT when I move into my new place (moooooore space in the freezer and less stress), I'm going back there and checking off everything you listed.. well maybe not the maple syrup because I've already got that lol :) Take care girl!

VeggieGirl said...

That's INSANE about the pizza!! Thank goodness you corrected them though.

Haha Peanut :-D

Sarah Mila said...

I did pizza for lunch today too :). The Whole Foods' cinnamon buns sounds delish!


Anonymous said...

you always have the best food :D I love the tofu part of the Amy's scramble...

I keep seeing people eat grapes with yogurt- for some reason, I always imagine it tasting really strange. Is it good?

Marina said...

insideiamdancing ~ Yes, it's good. Grapes basically taste like any other fruit would with yogurt. I like the tofu part best of Amy's scramble too. :)